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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Selling rare museum quality antique Tailors sample button collection!!!

This sample button collection is beyond amazing . Form my research it dates from the  pre Victorian era  to the 1930s . I believe these where  Tailors samples of the buttons you could choose  . Many have pencil marks of origin or type and also typed  labels .One button is solid gold , one  solid silver, one solid  platinum . These are museum  quality, all mounted on boards . There are 27 boards. Not all boards are full and some boards vary in size. The  early plastic  button board is mounted on an old  paper plate. The buttons range in material = Mother of Pearl , Mother of pearl carved , mother of pearl metal inlay , early plastic , rhinestone,  metal filagree, carved metal , hand painted porcelain , horn , granite ware, porcelain, jet glass , bakelite, embroidery, tin ,  cloth ,vegetable  ivory , calico porcelain ,  crystal , glass ,etc. The photos are  a major part of the description ,but only seeing in person  can do this collection  justice.The buttons are from  manufactures from  many different countries .
The buttons range  in  size from  1/4" - 2 3/4 "
There  are   870 button.
If you need more details and detailed photos's.  email me at Juliehaymaker@me.com

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Knave of Hearts by Maxfield Parrish the original rare hardcover 1925 edition


 I am selling my beloved Maxfield Parrish , Knave of Hearts, first edition 1925 hard cover, in what I would rate  as good  condition .  Here is the list of what I see as the flaws.
Major  flaws
1 - The back side of the  cloth cover panel ,which is a double page spread  has a layer of paper torn from the image on the left lower corner.  On the right side  of this same double page panel spread  there is some  wrinkled creases .
2-A child  has used a crayon on the  inside tissue.
3-The cloth on  the back panel has a water stain , bottom middle, it then  soaked  through to the  back panel image and marked it a bit.
Minor flaws-
1-A bit of the binding  two-thirds  of the way though the book is pulling  a tad away, just about an inch  down.  On the back  panels of the double page spread  there is a stain along the binding  about an inch down from the top.This  stain seems to coincide with the binding pulling away  as if water got in  the binding and dissolved the glue  in that  area. But none of the actual pages have any corner water stains. Just the  back  double page  panel spread. 
 2-Several panels have  small marks . NO creases, NO scratches, NO rips , NO fading ,but small marks  that come with age and uses.
3-The cover shows signs of  very minor wear. Very little fraying of the cloth and minor wear of the cover plate. After all it is the cover and  95 years old .
 In general  each plate is in very good shape . There is very  little foxing of the paper  and each page appears  crips  and clear ,no fading. Just  a few marks here and their as the* photos show.  The page for the original owner to sign has been  signed  in a beautiful sepia block print. 
These books  where  introduced  in 1925 for the  huge  price of $25.00   They came  with a keepsake box . I have never seen one of these combinations. I have just read that this was how the book was sold when it was  first introduced in 1925. This book does  not have the box. I believe in 1926 or 1927  a paper back  edition  with a spiral binder was printed and  sold for  less . This book is considered to be one of the  most sought after rare books.
Email me of you are interested  and want more detail Juliehaymaker@me.com  


                                                           flaw 1-ripped paper on back of cover panel

                                   Flaw 1-rippled areas on right side of double front panel spread

Flaw 2-child's crayon outline on tissue 

                                                                      minor mar's

   minor mar's          

    minor mar's 

    minor mar's 

    minor mar's 
 flaw 3 - water stain soaked through form back cloth panel on bak right side double page spread 

  flaw 3 - water stain  back cloth  panel bottom center 

And last but not least for  those that   have a hard  to getting the concept of what 95 years old looks like . Below  is an image of 95 year old woman . So I would  say this book looks pretty GOOD!!