Friday, April 21, 2017

Creative interview. By Mary Ellen Merrigan

 Mary Ellen Merrigan

Mary Ellen interviews me about creativity 

Mary Ellen  is a Jewelry  beading artist whom I meet when she signed up for one of my SHRINKETS Classes  at The Tuscon Bead Show last Feb.   I was teaching  WEARING WONDERLAND.

 Mary Ellen also is a skilled  marketing coach and  I will be signing  up for  one of her "one on one " marketing workshops .  She will also be teaching  a class in marketing at ART UNRAVELED  in Phoenix this Aug 2017  and teaching several  creative classes at this  event as well.

Mary Ellen  on  the left and Julie ( me ) on the  right at the  Tuscan BeadShow 

Here is the interview 

    Julie Haymaker and Shrinkets Showcase Creativity

…The joy of playtime synergy with like-minded women
…The fun of coloring using pencils and spontaneity
…The whimsy of shrink plastic in which items are transformed with heat by placing them in molds.

I met Julie Haymaker Thompson in February. We colored and played with shrink plastic.
Julie had launched Shrinkets, her website for shrink plastic bead making molds, class kits, online class videos and more, days prior to our event.
The joy of creating is important to Julie and it shows. To her creativity means “mental well-being. Something I can always trust.”

Julie agreed to talk with me about how her art evolved and how she has evolved as a result.
“As a child I did not think of growing up and 'Becoming an artist“ as I always thought I was an artist . However, as a child I did want to be a Hallmark card artist. I was lucky to fulfill that desire when I finished college with a degree in illustration.
For the first 27 years of my adult career as an illustrator, my work only grew stronger and definitive in style. Twelve years ago I changed course, quit illustration and started working in mixed media .
It was like starting over. I see that much more clearly as more time passes and I can look at a my larger body of mixed media work created these past years.
I brought a lot of knowledge to my mixed media work, including basic design principles, experience in mediums, understanding color and professionalism. But the new art form had a much larger learning curve that revealed itself with time. Good art does not happen overnight but is a continual process. It requires a focus and lots of discipline. When one starts working in a new artistic field there is a learning period where you wander a bit within the field. If the desire to become accomplished in that art form overrides the wanderlust, that is when the goal of creating “good” work emerges.

Multi Media Career Launches Shrinkets

I love and live for the process of creating. I rarely judge myself harshly when I am in the process. It is only in hindsight that I review past work and sometimes go, ‘OMG! What was I thinking?’ With the internet an image of my past work may pop up and it may be a work I have come to judge harshly in hindsight. I now have two options: I can learn to accept that creativity is about growth and a process or I can hate my work.
Creativity is not a contest .The process should be joyous. But like everything in life one should, strive to be the best one can be so it is good to keep that goal and ideal in mind and critique one’s work for positive enrichment.”
How do you feel when you’re in your creative space and what does that feeling contribute to your end result?
“Hmmm I have never had my true dream creative space, but when I am creating it does not matter. I once transformed a closet into a tiny studio. Yes I see others with awesome studios but I never see the space as a reflection of one’s work.
Do you see an impact of fellow artists on you and your work?
“Always. No one creates something truly unique or for the first time. Life is a circle, plain and simple.We learn from our past and from each other and that is how social creatures survive.”
As an artist, are there doubts and struggles you face?
“I have never known anything but being an artist. Doubts and fears have popped up as I’ve grown older. Fears are “what if I cannot create?” My creativity has been the one constant in my life. One thing I have always been able to trust being there for me.”
How has your art changed your perception of the world and how the world sees you?
“I used to think most people thought like myself and I was part of that safe majority. Now thanks to age and experience, I have come to see myself as part of a smaller group in terms of intellectual view points. So now I feel part of a minority and it makes me sad.”
What impact do you want to have with your art and on whom?
“I want others to feel the joy of what creating something with ones’ hands can do to elevate the human spirit. I want to be a part of helping build self esteem, not breaking it down.”
When Julie talks about creativity, she simply lights up. Her mixed media adventure continues to expand. Shrinkets showcase creativity…best of all, it’s your creativity that will shine through.

Thanks, Mary Ellen . XO Julie 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shrinking Viola ,Shrinky Dink art

 Shrinking Voila 

 I used the SHRINKETS( shrink plastic) basic bead mold  to create the  bezel formed  using  shrink plastic  from my  OPULENT COLLECTION  my bead making  shrink plastic line can be purchased  on my  webs site at in the  Shrinkets  shop .   
The shrunk   down really   tiny and are now ready to be used in my art piece.  
I clipped theJohnny Jumps Ups / violas   off at the base, leaving just  enough green to keep the petals  together.  I then laid  them flat inside  a heavy  book, closed  the cover   and let them dry for 3 week or so...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Johnny jump up season

It that time of year JOHNNY JUMP UPS season , or other wise known as Voila Pansy's little sister  So lets get them planted as they love cool spring weather and they are oh so perfect for using in art .

Plant and allow them to get  established before you clip the  blooms.  About 2 - 3 weeks .I like the  orange ones they are called a penny coin viola.  

Clip them off at the very tip of the bloom  base leaving the green  area to keep  the petals in place. 

Place them in the center of a large heavy  book. I use an old encyclopedia. gently  fold the book over on the blooms  give them time to  dry -4 weeks  If your book is very large you will not need to add anything extra to  add presure and wieght . If  your book is rather  thin add a rock to the top of teh closed  book book to  add pressure .

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Best bead storage solution

Best bead storage solution I have ever found. A NEW gift to myself. This is an old parts metal storage box. I got it on Craigs list under the "materials" catagory. It is perfect! Plastic bead size boxes fit just right into each drawer. It holds almost all my beads 30 boxes. I color coding each drawer using paint store chips cut to size. another easy trick.

I have seen some on etsy too. Just type in metal strorage drawers

Thursday, February 23, 2017

another step done

Mrs Steep  has  color added to  her   pot .I used  Prima Marektings  texture powder and added it to  linen color folkart   paint .  I layered over the iron rust  paint.  Hopeful with   time the  rust will bleed through in random spots. I  mixed pastel  folk art paints with each other  and  in  with  the  hand made texture paint and dry brushed  color on in  layers. The texture added a lot ot "tooth "so dry brushing in layers was easy and fast.

Texture powder by PRIMA MARKETING 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Progress in my color palette challenge

 Her name is MRS. STEEP . Next comes the colors . I started with  an iron  rusting paint base so when I lay the pastel paints over it in layers the pastels will not look so " candy" like.  Also   the rich warm brown  will make the colors pop when it peeks through here and there. It  will bleed  through my next pastel  layer of ivory much like tea would stain an ivory  linen napkin or  tea towel.