Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shrink plastic bead wine charms by Shrinkets

Wine charm  beaded dangles, using Shrink plastic bead molds.  Go to and click  on the  Shrinkets shop as you will need a single dome mold .
A template  will be included  in the bead mold kit. Free how to's are on the  site as well. 

Scissors, 1/8 inch hole punch, colored pencils shrinkets shop.

 Sanded and Smooth shrink plastic shrinkets shop.
 I sell Shrinky Dink brand 
Single dome SHRINKETS bead making mold shrinkets shop.

Heat Gun , wire wrapping pliers sold at 
 You need round nose straight nose and wire cutters OR the special wire wrapping pliers in the picture and  wire cutters. Demos free at

 Create your beads in primary colors

Shrink your beads formed using the  domed  shrink plastic  mold .

      Wire wrap your charms creating primary colored dangles using head pins, beads and bead caps 
 Supplies for at 

Wine charm rings of course at shrinkets shop 

Add fun wine themed charms .
yes you can get these at in her Shrinkets shop .
place the dangels  and the  charms on your rings. 

Add to your wine glass .

 Thanks - Shrinkets Shrink plastic bead making molds. 

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