Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The best we can do

So the saga of our house continues. We are back in negotiations, and are working with a very low offer. But have decided it is best to let it go and hopefully  move on. I did a little house  painting to send good karma to the sale . I hope it goes through at this point we will be blessed to not pay to get out of the house as many in this country may have to do  or worse yet  are loosing their homes all together.  From here on out I want to think of what I have not what  I "think"  I lost  . We  hopefully will trade worry  for a simpler  less stressful life  and hey !!The only real thing you have in life is your LIFE , your loves and if you are lucky your health.  Many I know who have heath worries know how very true this is . I personally know  this from my past and to those of you fighting health issues my heart is sooo with you. You can teach us all so much!! So  with all  that in mind . By By house!!!! ( I hope )  and hello  all the new things life will  bring !!! I'll keep you posted literally... tee hee


whymsicalmusings said...

Hope your house selling goes smoothly and life flows along in a wonderous lull so that happiness and less stress may creep in:)

WingingIt said...

good energy coming your way darling...i know we have been in a quandry about our house too...we have decided to stick it out for now...much love and i am loving your artwork baby!!!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hoping all goes well with the sale, and blessings flow your way:)


P.S. Love the house sculpture in post!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

love and blessings to you!!

All the sweet good energy flow your way. love the house you made it's beautiful!!

hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I am sending my special Buy This House Whammy your way.
When I was trying to sell our house in Sutter Creek, before the showings, I used to make sure I just pulled peanut butter cookies or a pie from the oven. And you know who ended up buying it? The Real Estate Agent!

lilylovekin said...

One does the very best they can do and that is always enough.

Lille Diane said...

I can totally sympathize with you. I went through a very similar thing with my home a few years back. I am so much happier now with a life less complicated.

I will send you lots of blessings full of abundance, and peace. I know you will find the perfect home to call you own after it sells.

Hugzzz and bountiful blessingzzz~~

sharon said...

Julie, wishing you the best with your situation, but I can see you have your priorities straight, and you know what is important in your life. Everything will fall into place. Hugs

susanc said...

The best we can do is all we can do. I'm sending good thoughts your way. I hope everything goes well and that you won't have to deal with this much longer and can get on with all the wonderful things in your life.

stregata said...

Hoping things go well!! Love the house painting!

Micki said...

My brother is currently in the middle of a crazy house selling saga too!
I hope everything goes well for you.

The piece of art you showed is just gorgeous, those trees are fabulous, i never tire of looking at your beautiful work!

Micki x

Gail said...

My very best wishes for a smooth sale, Julie!

Gail x

Beth Anderson said...

Sending good selling vibes your way!

Thanks for reminding us of the important things in life - you are always such a good inspiration not only for your wonderful creations but your life lessons.
hugs to you Julie.

paperbird said...

Julie I wish you the best, I hope all goes well with the sale of the house.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Julie! I hope you are well. Selling a house is soooo stressful!
I wanted to invite you over to My Desert cottage (blog) That is where I posted to new shadowboxes. I just love the technique so much!


Nancy said...

Best wishes for a quick sale. Sometimes you just can't put a price on "no stress". Besides, being with your husband full-time is priceless!

suburbangypsy said...

I know what you mean about the whole house quandry...I think especially for women our house is so much a part of who we are...but you will have a new one,one that fits into where you need to be now, in this season. i truly believe that with every struggle comes a great blessing,when you keep your priorities strait, as you guys have!
Your art is stunningly beautiful...i am mesmerizes by the little house!!

barb said...

Blessing to you. "Thinking about what you have....not what you have lost" What an incrediable gift we could all give to ourself if we could only do that. I am sending that wish into the universe for all. Be gentle to yourself during this challenging time. Barb