Monday, October 5, 2009

from the heart

This morning I wanted to blog about something very special to me and hand made with love. My Grandmothers creative art form was knitting and crocheting. I wish I had her gift of patients for this creative work.She made sooo many beautiful things through the years for her family .My favorite gift from her is one of the first things I would grab if the house was on fire. It is the ivory afghan that she gave me in 1977. WOW that makes it 32 years old . It  always holds a treasured place in every home I have lived in. I would also call it my security blanket as it is the item I love most to wrap up in when I need to feel warm and comforted. I see it daily and  it keeps my Grandmother always close in  my mind.


Angela Recada said...

What a beautiful treasure you have to remember your grandmother by! You are very lucky!
I wish I had the patience to make big items like this. The most I can manage is squares (for felting) and scarves.

I hope you have a great week!

stregata said...

Really a treasure! Just beautiful! Almost as comforting as Grandma holding you, I bet!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Hi Julie!!

I finally found your blog since you moved. Always a pleasure to stop by to see what you're up to over here.
My grandmother made tons of afghans too and they are among my family's favorite heirlooms.


Gail Burton said...

Do you still have your gran, Julie? She was a very talented lady if the Afghan is anything to go by, it's gorgeous!

Gail x

Beth Anderson said...

What a special treasure - perhaps she is where your talent comes from. No wonder you treasure it and your memories of her.

Danielle Muller said... the afghan and the sweet story behind it.


julie king said...

lovely afghan and lovely tribute to your grandmother!

ArtPropelled said...

A treasure indeed! I can understand just how precious this is to you.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

It seems it is a day for thinking of the special women in our life. I wrote about my mom today and have been to two blogs besides yours that spoke of moms and grandmothers and what an impact on us they made. I hope my kids think of me that way someday. (though right now, being teenagers, I am sure I am just a big pain in their behinds)

I am embarrassingly behind on blog visits so started at the top of my blogs list tonight and will finish with you until tomorrow. What lovely posts to find. Your studio tour made my mouth water. What a lovely place to create and your roll away wall is brilliant! Maybe I will think of doing that as I share half of a family room. And the pieces for the Art and Soul retreat - sigh - how I wish I could afford to go. I would be in your class in a heart beat. Maybe next year somewhere!

Hope your life is settling down and you are happy with your new home. I think of you often and always send good wishes.


Karen said...

A treasure for sure! I can't crochet but I do love to knit! Just made my mom a shawl for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Our grandmothers sound very similar. I cannot throw out a stitch of what my grandmother made, no matter how tattered it gets :-)