Friday, July 15, 2011


Even thought the store is taking a lot of our time.  I am  finding time to be creative too . It is sooo wonderful to have my studio in the back  room . I even have room for my sewing  machine to be set up all the time and I love my sewing machine it is the crafts expression Janome model. Any way a  new fun thing I made is this doll she is in perfect mode for the fall season  and will be teaching her  this fall  at Terri Brushes  ART CAMP  oct 6 - 10th . The event is sold out but there is always the spring ART CAMP . So plan ahead .



artistamyjo said...

This is just adorable julie,wish I wasn't so far away.

Georgina said...

Hey Julie, thanks for coming by and so glad all is well with your little witch...she's just too cute!!

I do recommend you finish "Water for Elephants," because it is a really good read!! My book club is not your typical kind. A friend of mine said she went into Barnes & Noble and they're book club was in full gear, books-in-hand, chairs in a perfect circle and even a blackboard with pie charts, list of the "antagonist/protagonist," list of main characters, etc., etc., etc. Told her we would be kicked out the first day...we're too rowdy!! LOL

I remember this one book, back in the 70's and it took me 5 years to finish married, got a job, had a baby and after that, I was able to find the time to finish it. So don't feel badly about not finishing I used to tell my professor in college a few years back when I didn't finish a project in my ceramics class, "Well, life just got in the way!!" LOL

Have a great weekend and take care.


Jingle said...

She is absolutely marvelous!

John said...

Great work Julie!

Elizabeth said...

I am so excited for you to ahve space to create and to leave the sewing machine out all the time is a big Bonus!!!! Love Betwixt- fabulous!!!!

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh Julie I just love her! I am so glad to hear from you it always makes me smile! I do hope you get rain to. We need it so badly we are in an extreme drought rated #2 the first was during the dust bowl. I sure hope everyone's weather begins to cooperate soon:)
Sending a hug your way.

Anonymous said...

Oh cute witch doll, infact she's the cutest witch ever!
Thank you for your beautiful message. I painted the dress. Where I live is hard to find patterned paper etc, so it's easier and cheaper for me to paint the patterns myself.

Socrates said...

Congratulations on your new store. I found you through Joanna Pierotti, and I will be back. Love it. Best of luck.