Monday, September 12, 2011

A eye candy post

 I went to the mini fall  Tucson gem show and came  back with a few goodies .  For you bead/jewelry  artist the latest trend is AB finishes , large gem stones and HOT is Pearl  chalcedony!  I have started to  list these  on my new etsy shop bisbeebliss. Also for those into turquoise my favorite is sleeping beauty from the now closed mine in Globe  AZ . Since the mine is now closed it is  harder to find. I splurged on a faceted string of A++++ grade and  the color is stunning !
Yummy AB facet cut large gems 

sleeping beauty !


John said...

Beautiful colors.

Elizabeth said...

I adore Sleeping Beauty Turquoise!! I have several nuggets that I covet!!! What fun!!

Kathy said...



I'm there!


(funny word verification is PREART as in what you need before you make art! Ha!)

Holly Loves Art said...

We love our beads don't we? These are verrrrry pretty!

Charlene said...

Did you hurt your credit card as bad as I did mine??? I went to the Gem Show in Houston with Deryn Mentock... OUCH!!!!!!!! I did turquoise too but, not Sleeping Beauty. I did a post about mine... We should compare. Hee Hee LOVE all the colors you chose. HUGS!