Sunday, April 27, 2014

Busy getting ready for Gaslight Gathering this weekend may 2-5 in San Diego

I am busy racing the clock to make  art work for my 2 day  vending  event at Gaslight  Gathering in San Diego Ca.A   9 hour drive for me.  I will stay with me beloved friend Dotti aways  a special treat to see her and  and hopefully another dearly  loved  friend Jo .
This will be my first time doing  this show/event  it is about Steampunk and Victorianna . 2 looks I love. The house  is filled with art work parts EVERYWHERE even in the oven . Also I am ordering supplies needed for my kit for  "Lets go for a ride" I am doing for Artful Gathering an online class .sign ups start MAY 1st and  kits are on  sale  on my esty shop
Bisbeebliss. . But will not shop if you order until  after I get back from my event this weekend  I am always  a day  late  and  a dollar short . Then a  blessing came from my  Creator who knew my needs and gave me the  best etsy  sale  day in  a long time it was  enough to order  3/4 of what  I need for the kits. I am sure the rest of the  funds   will come through too . Just for today I am blessed :) The gift of available  funds made me cry I was os grateful. 


John said...

Always great to read a story with a happy "ending"! The immages look great as does that oh so comfortable Cat!

sadali said...

If a situation has several of these signals, there is reason for concern. These MUST be taken and considered in context, because many people will have a few of these traits. Focus on the Gas lighting.