Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lost love, found again !!!

Years ago I   headed back to college in my thirties. I already had a degree in Illustration  and had been   using it for over ten years . But something was missing . So after much research I picked  what was then called  CA college of Arts and Crafts . I intended  to explore a second degree in ceramics and this was the perfect college to do so  as it had been the  teaching home of  the great ceramic artist Robert Arnison  who founded the ceramic art movement  of taking a ceramics from functional  craft forms  to fine art.  I studied   ceramics their  in in doing so I became  a part of this  generational movement ( 3 times removed ) . But alas while their on a whim  I took a metal smithing  in course and feel in love. But I also fell in love for real with Mark and after 2 years of study made the choice to move to southern  CA and marry Mark. A choice I will cherish all my life as he gave me the BEST 12 years of my life. But now 22 years later I find myself exploring  my lost love of metal again  while  added mixed media elements  in  hidden ways. I hope  these pieces  find their way to a future  teaching venues so I may pass on the fun I am having getting to re know my  lost love.


John said...

126What fine craftsmanship Julie, lovely pieces.

Anonymous said...

Very Beautiful Pieces :)