Friday, March 20, 2015

Plans in the works ....

After posting on  face book and getting positive feedback. I am working on creating ongoing  watercolor  journal workshops. My first  step is to create an online  class  in the basic  how too's  which would be a highly recommended pre course to the actual live walking and painting  on site workshop. I will  also offer an online class in making  a suggested journal for your water colors. I hope to entice other teachers to offer their version of a watercolor  journal to go along with my classes   so student have a variety  of journals they can pick from to make as they develop their skills and fill each journal ( I life long process) .
When this is done  I will go on to post the places I will be  traveling to  in my  little  travel  trailer  I have named " Peanut ". I will also post the workshop time frame and links to suggested lodging for each place I visit. All travel arrangements  will be up to the individual. Workshops will be from 2-5 days depending on your mood. Does it sound  like  FUN?
 I hope to launch the online classes on May .

Thanks for visiting ! Xo julie 


John said...

What amazing work Julie. I wish you and peanut safe journey and vey, very succesful workshops.

soulful tramp said...

Such beauty & serenity in these tiny gems! Like little jewel boxes, love!!!!
Jami ( from Bisbee, now living in Las Vegas)
You will need to do a workshop this way