Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jar knob tops

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and so I  have done a variation  on the idea  with hand made knobs . But first a shot  a short video on how to paint the jar top, drill holes and add a knob. In   this case a TOM HOLTZ knob. But any will do .  

I created  unique knobs using wooden knobs. The knob i feature here is one I made mad myself by gluing a dowel final  onto a half wooden ball . I then drilled  a hole at the base for a screw. You can use the basic raw wooden knobs that you can buy at Home Depot, Lowes and  most hardwares stores.  The sun and moon are done  in the same technique I  teach in my  WHIMSICAL CABOCHONS online class .

Basic how to video ,painting  the jar lid, drilling a hole in the lid and adding a knob . 

Basic raw wood knob 

Knob tops, designed the same technique I teach in WHIMSICAL CABOCHONS my online class .

Side view of knobs 

Knobs added to jars with spray painted lids I use black chalk board paint for these the lids. 

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