Wednesday, October 5, 2016

new shrink plastic art.

I am trying to get over an overwhelming visual block. I have to many projects ideas and must do's floating  around in my head  and thus I seem unable  to focus on any one  ro feel satisfied with what i HAVE accomplished I  thought if I  posted  my competed projects and  might be able to see some clarity. These are some of my latest shrink plastic art jewelry pieces.
 shrink plastic -fading into spring 

fairy doll 1- shrink plastic 

shrink plastic - fairy doll 2

Enchantment -shrink plastic 

shrink plastic - winter in wonderland 

a ring of orange brown and green -shrink plastic 

bloom- shrink plastic 

shrink plastic - pocket full of posies 

shrink plastic -pocket 


Pam Austin said...

Looks like you have been creating hoards of fabulous pieces to me! Hope your jumble gets sorted but it's still working for you in the creativity department :)

jackie said...

I thought I had tried everything to do with shrink plastic, until I stumbled onto your masterpieces! They are absolutely wonderful and I love how you have taken shrink to a higher level than I thought could ever be out there!

Deb Wheeler said...

These are lovely!! You make magic with shrink plastic!!!