Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Johnny jump up season

It that time of year JOHNNY JUMP UPS season , or other wise known as Voila Pansy's little sister  So lets get them planted as they love cool spring weather and they are oh so perfect for using in art .

Plant and allow them to get  established before you clip the  blooms.  About 2 - 3 weeks .I like the  orange ones they are called a penny coin viola.  

Clip them off at the very tip of the bloom  base leaving the green  area to keep  the petals in place. 

Place them in the center of a large heavy  book. I use an old encyclopedia. gently  fold the book over on the blooms  give them time to  dry -4 weeks  If your book is very large you will not need to add anything extra to  add presure and wieght . If  your book is rather  thin add a rock to the top of teh closed  book book to  add pressure .

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