Tuesday, April 7, 2009

 April 8th .Today is the 5th  anniversary of Mark's passing. I do not want this  entry to be about sad and depressed but more positive . I am sure if I was younger the passing of five years  would seem much farther in the past , but as I age time seems to just fly .  5 years seems like a blink of an eye  and only days  ago .  But as I reflect on the past  five years of my life, so very much has happened in what feels like such a short time and with that I  know it was not just "days ago" that Mark was here. It is my hope that   all  that has changed  in my life has been  due to the fact  that I  learned  with my loss ,  that  time is the most precious of gifts and it is not to be squandered . So in honor of Mark I am listing 5 major  things that have happened in my life in the past 5 years . I hope they are things that would have made him proud and happy  .
1= I remarried . It was Mark's wish that if I did so I should marry a good man . That I have done with my darling Cal.  
2=With Cal's help ,we finished the house Mark and I had started remodeling ( No small undertaking!!!!) and another wish of his.
3 = I traveled to Bora Bora , Mexico , Europe , and the Caribbean (twice) as well as many little get aways across the country most of them art retreats.
4= I mastered the computer!Which is such an aid in the completely  new direction my art has taken. No longer do I paint what art directors tell me to ... but I  create  what I want and I am loving it!!!
5 =We bought a 2nd home in Arizona .I will sneak this one in too .I got a dog, My sweet Peanut. And Mark's beloved  Boo Boo kitty is still with us. She is 14 1/2!!!

So Mark you said you knew I would find my way and I have . So here's  to you my" Handsome wonder boy". You are still in my heart and  on  my mind. Always and forever....


Denise S. said...

Julie what you have done in these 5 years is just mind boggling and wonderful all at the same time.
I bet your Cal is just the best guy in the world and I am so glad you 2 found each other. Much happiness to you sweet lady!

Beth Quinn said...

you are amazing girl !!! he is smiling and proud of you as we all are !!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww...that was a really sweet post, hon! Good for you for taking this day to honor the positive things that have come into your life.

You're such an amazing woman and I'm so glad to know you!

xo ~ Karen

Deb said...

time sure flies. he is so proud of you and looks down daily and smiles upon you and all you have accomplished. we all are really proud of you and believe in you as he does.

Maija said...

Your accomplishments are a beautiful tribute to your love of Mark. I am sure he waches over you, and Cal, with joy!