Thursday, May 7, 2009

all in a row

Little wings and tails. I have been assembling kits for my Steam Punk Lily class on saturday at the Frenzy Stamper= love that store and Debbie too . I am going in to shop today. They look so cool all lined up in the styrofoam drying . Also styrofoam is a great thing to have in you studio to hold things in place while they dry .It worked really well for the wings and tails. I also use it to keep my poky tools  and exacto blades.


Silke said...

You are so prolific! Thanks for the suggestion of styrofoam - such a great idea! My day sort of got away from me...didn't even make it into my studio! :) Silke

sharon said...

These are terrific!!!! Could I buy one as a pendant, it would be fabulous!! Email me pleeeaaaase if you would!! Sharon