Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late nights

I walked out in the early evening about 3 nights ago and looked up to this beautiful full moon, The desert is so full of life at night as I hear all sorts of wildlife  sounds while I create    late into  night. The neighboring complex that I walk through in the  morning and evening is full of large pine trees and grassy knolls . The doves  bed down for the evening in the tress and the nightingales start up their songs at dusk. But last night as I meandered along under a large pine tree, I heard a WHOOO WHOOO, I could not see him but I heard him. He is most likely planning an evening snack of dove meat. It amazes me  in the heart of the city that so  much wildlife  lives . Thank god it  can adapt to us  as we continue to  encroach upon its environment. Also last night Peanut went with me on the walk. The anti inflammatory is helping and I just had to give  into her  begging at the door to go . I carried her to the grass  so she remained on a  soft surface.  She was so happy to be out side. We see the specialist at 9:00 in the morning. 


A bird in the hand said...

I love the desert.

A little cuddle to Peanut, and wishes for a quick recovery :-)

Lovely work, Julie.

Denise S. said...

Julie I really hope the specialist can help your precious little Peanut.

I live right in the middle of our little town and revel in the wildlife we get in our backyard.
I raise hens so we have their presence and sounds,we also have squirrels that have a nest box in one of our big trees. Ernest made us a very large pond about 4 years now and its filled with our original,now quite large,goldfish and their many babies at various stages of growth. We also are so fortunate to have owls visit and perch in our big trees several times a year. Oh I must not forget our newest additions-2 Barred Rock chicks and 3 Partridge Rock chicks that are still in the house with us for a few more weeks.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Dear Julie, I just wanted you to know I am praying for you and Peanut:)
When my dog Boo became to elderly to go on long walks any more it just broke my heart. She did the same thing, sat at the door and begged to go. So my husband and I bought a little cart and just pushed her when she would get to tired. She was very old though... Peanuts so young hopefully she will recover quickly.

Lots of hugs,

Beth Anderson said...

wishing for the best tomorrow for Peanut and you.

Nancy said...

First of all thank you for all your sweet comments you leave on my blog. You are such a wonderful inspiration to me and a cheerleader too! Now, I finally had time to get caught up on your blog and my heart just aches for your little peanut. I am a rabid dog lover and so I know how much you must be worrying about your baby. I will say a little prayer for her tonight. LOVE your new creations and I am planning to try to get over to the big event at Domestic Bliss on Sat. morning so will look for you. Hugs, Nancy

Gail said...

Good luck with the specialist, Julie, I hope he can help Peanut. My old lady is off to the vets today too, and I'm dreading it - she HATES the vets!

Gail x

Jenn said...

Hope the appt. goes well this morning Julie! xoxo to Peanut!