Wednesday, August 10, 2011

busy and having fun

It was off to Art Unraveled in Phoenix this last weekend. A fellow artist  friend and wearable art artist
Lorri Scott  ruptured her retina YIKESSS!! So  was unable to teach and run her booth at Art Unraveled . She asked if Lori Garver,  my sister  Lorrie and myself  would run her vendor booth for the event. It was a shopping frenzy all day as we played Barbie arraigning and rearranging  clothes and we  sold like mad!!! The rest of the weekend was spent in  quite play time as my sister and I journaled at our  Mom's dining room table. It was a wonderful weekend all around and nice to get away from the shop . Cal was left  in charge there  and did a fine job of it  too.
On the way to phoenix .Yes this really is the Arizona Desert!!!

A happy customer  in Lorri  Scott's wonderful clothing .

The Business  of vending 

The end of the day -Lori , Julie and Lorrie 

Journaling fun !!

You are given one little  spark of madness.....

You mustn't  lose it. 

2 pages from my journal - simply dry brush painted  backgrounds using  Claudine Helmuth paints  (which  I LOVE ) a few collage elements and some letter  stamping. 


John said...

Sounds as if you all had a wonderful time and all in the doing of a good deed! Great story!

Elizabeth said...

You look MAAAARVwelous Darling!!!! So glad that you were able to make a party of it all and sell sell sell!!! It is really good to hear that people are buying actually!!!
I love your One little Spark of Madness Quote!! Are you really sure that it is only 1?????? I am pretty sure that I got two or three!!!!
Big Hugs Chica!!!
Give Your Mum a hug too I hope that she is doing well!!

Lorie said...

Saturday was so much fun! Can't wait to do it again. I'll be there to visit you before you know it . . . xox

The Backporch Artessa said...

I am so proud of you and Cal! Have you stepped back and looked at all you've accomplished in such a very short time??? OMGOODNESS!!!

I love that you are into journaling now! Don't know where you find the time or energy, but it all looks fabulous! I LOVE the altered clothes!!!

If I don't see you before- I can't wait to see you in VA Beach next spring!!!