Sunday, August 21, 2011

Julie's How to for creating real rust finish!!!

Today I am going to  show  a mini "how to"  on  creating  real rust  finishes on metal, wood ,paper and  plastic.  I use a 2 part process using real iron paint and then an easy   rusting solution .  
Both can be cleaned up with water
I started with a piece of card stock paper , a Tim Holtz plastic
"fractured doll" ,
A wood tag and a tin bottle cap.

Next I painted them all with the "Blissbee iron paint".
 2 heavy coats on the wood and paper and  4 heavy coats on the plastic  doll and tin bottle cap.
I allowed each coat to dry before re-coating .  The iron paint is then cleaned  up with water .
I then coated each with  2 coats of the rusting solution. I used a paint brush for this as it agitates the surface a bit  . Also use gloves for this process and allow each  coat to dry naturally . The first coat will not show much rusting action. The second coat will. You can then clean the  solution  up with water . Dispose of excess properly.
The iron paint and  rusting solution(enough to cover 3 sq. feet) can be bought on the Blissbee web site or right here. 
It is 32.50 and that includes shipping

 These are  Tim Holtz's  plastic" fractured dolls" (small 2 " large 3).
You should be able to drill into these unlike  porcelain.  So an eye hook could  possibly  be added for hanging. I have not yet tried this but I would  add a clear matt sealer to the finish if I was to do so and use it for a necklace .  
 These can also  be bought on the Blissbee web site or right here. 
They are   $6.30 and that includes shipping.

 Thanks for reading and putting up with the "pitch",
 I have to say this is one of my favorite techniques .


Kathy said...

Very cool, Julie! Love it. But what I love even more is the fact that you are going to do an online class(s)?! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve. I've wanted to take a class from you for well..forever! Have a great week!


The Backporch Artessa said...

love love love it!

John said...

Great work and all the more so for sharing it.

jone hallmark said...

I cannot believe that I was just going to write to you to ask about rusting things and HERE IS THIS POST that explains the whole darn thing!!~!!

Just love coincidences like this - really I do!

Thanks for the info, Miss Julie Bee....