Wednesday, December 12, 2012

easy short class ideas

One of the biggest challenges in owning the shop is trying to come up with a variety of classes that can be taught in a few hours and can  be  at  price point  that  our Southern AZ's  economical demographic can afford . Bisbee is a town of 4500 with an average income of $36000.This week  I played  with Vintaj Patinas  metal coloring enamals   and  then needle felting using Inktense Pencil by Derwent. Working  with color on metal  is more fun then I thought  and it   dries very durable . The Inktense's are very fun to use on wet fabric and they too dry permanent.  I had fun !!!!!!   

      Vintaj metal color examples  in the  class
 the students can make a wing necklace or owl necklace 

Thsis  is my "intro to needle felting" class the felt was dyed with Inktense colored pencils . 


Amy said...

I'm so envious of all you offer there,just too darn far away from Mi. !
Love these........Hugs

Debi said...

julie, love the pendents, come to Phoenix and teach us how to make them!! The owls are my fav!!
Debi Siegert

Lorie said...

I MISS YOU, JULIE!! One of my New Year's resolutions (after my #1 which is LESS TRAVEL, MORE ART) is to get myself down to Bisbee for a little visit. 2012 has been a whirlwind year, that's for sure. xoxoxox Lorie

John said...

Beautiful work Julie