Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gratitude - my 2013 word for the year

I like to  pick a word for the year. Last years was intuition. I tired to follow mine through the year but sure screwed up on it several times when   I really mis read others intentions and my own . HMMM This year my word is gratitude. Instead of focusing on what I do not have I want to focus on what I do have and that means focusing  on  my strengths while ALSO  accepting my  flaws and limitations . I hope to continue to  grow spiritually   and help  others as well. Which for  me is helping  those  on their creative journey. I have learned this past year that my " helping" others seems to be best limited to  the realm of creatiivy so this will be my focus  this year.  So here are 2 more classes added to the  blissbee line up . These  where created by  using 7 Gypsies products and Tim Hotlz products  . I saw the idea at last years CHA for the Tim Holtz  configurations box with the   Tim Holtz pulley wheels.  The different  company vendors   have   design teams create ideas using the new product. These are  then displayed at their CHA  trade show  booths  for the buyers like myself  to  be inspired.  It took me  a year to get around  to creating my own prototype for classes.

7 gypsies gothic window chip board cut outs altered into  a wall hanging

 Tim Holtz bottle  soldered with wire  and turned into a  bling relic style  necklace 

                              Tim Holtz configuration box with Tim holtz pulley wheels
                                                                  "  box of curiosities "


jone Hallmark said...

I think these are wonderful, Julie.
So glad to see your creations - they make me smile.
Hope our paths will cross again one day. I think of you often.

Printing on Plastic said...

So gorgeous dear....and love the cute image too :o)hope you have warmed up...it's freezing down here too...loll...!

Heather Green said...

this is the second time I have read this post . . . I love the word you've chosen. It's sometimes hard to remember what we reflected on at the beginning if the year.