Sunday, January 20, 2013

re visiting shrink plastic

When you just want to have fun and feel like a kid doing a science  experment
 ( without  hurting  any living creatures of course)  get out the shrink plastic  !!!. This bracelet  is so fun
1-Piant one side of the plastic with white gesso scrapping some off .let dry  then add yellow ochre pencil shadings .
2-Cut large heart shapes.
3-Stamp images with stazon ,some on both sides ,some just one side.
4-Add Black stabilo pencil  to the edges and smear!!!
5-Seal with spray fix.
6-Shrink with a heat gun and watch  the hearts squrim  and wiggle.
7-Drill holes, add  jump rings, attach  to bracelet chain.
8- Then add wire wrapped  drops for bling !!!
Or.... Just come in and take the class at blissbee

"wearing my hearts on my sleeve"


John said...

How wonderfully inventive and cute!

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