Friday, January 4, 2013


I am working on  making  inspirational  samples for the shop using products I carry.  It really helps shoppers when they can see what can be done with the products. This wall pocket was created by using  a Canvas Corp. banner and a Melissa Frances hanger . Canvas Crop makes all sorts of fun shapes to alter .They are really fun to spray with Adirondack   inks by Ranger  and also stamp with the Adirondack fabric inks also by Ranger . I also printed an image on organza printing fabric and used it as the central image.

I used  several vintage lace pieces but most of this was done with  new matreials The key to making something look old is to avoid  most  shiny  polyester laces  and ribbon . I  try to use cotton or rayon .  Thye  also dye best in coffee or tea.
Vintage MOP buttons over  new plastic  ones really makes  a difference  too.  

Canvas Corp banner and Melissa Frances hanger .
The cone shape  wall pocket was created by clipping the banner so that it bowed out . Once that bow shape  was created I glued a  piece of heavy card board on to  the back  creating the back piece  for the wall pocket . 


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