Monday, November 25, 2013

shrink plastic jewelry

I have been having fun with childs play . Using Inkssetentail Shrink Plastic by Ranger  for jewelry.

Step 1= Sand one side of the plastic with very fine sand paper so you  can use colored pencils  on that side ,such as prisma and water colored pencils. I like to outline first with a black sharpie and then add  the color . Using bright colors makes them very fun. Remember to double the size you want the final bead to be as it will shrink almost in half . Note- to make a domed  bead they work best in a round shape .But it its fun to make other shapes to add  to the round shapes in you final jewelry  design.

Step 2= I cut them out and heat them up with a heat gun while hot and shrunk put them in the  metal doming block depression that fit the size of our flat bead the push them down with doming punch and you have a shrink plastic domed bead .AS I said if it has rolled and added you may have to reheat it in the doming depression so it will form the cupped shape

This is the doming  block. Use jewelry pliers to put the hot shrunk plastic in the center of the dome.  You may need to reheat it in the dome as it cools fast ,then smash it with the round  punch.
doming blocks can be bought at Rings and Thing \s ---link below
 (  ) and cheaper wood ones at Micheal's. I recommend investing in nice steal ones such as the one in the photo. 

step 3= Drill the center  with a 1/16 drill bit then design away!!!

step 4= Final pieces

You can order the Inssential  shrink plastic on my etsy shop


Debi said...

Really cute Julie! I love shrink plastic and the doming is a great idea!

Julie Thompson said...

Debi , thanks for stopping by - Julie

Jen Crossley said...

Julie this is really beautiful too cute girl Love ya

connie said...

Wow Julie, those are great. You really transformed shrinky dinks into something beautiful!

Vesna said...

Julie, the new issue of Somerset Studio brought me to your blog. I love your work and we live in the same state. I may be in Tucson in a few weeks and I wouldn't mind coming to Bisbee. Where is your gallery? I also love shrink plastic.