Friday, December 9, 2016

Grandma's cookies

My favorite child hood  Christmas memory was spending every Christmas  eve at my Grandma Cook's ( yes her last name was Cook) and she lived up to the name. Her   food was  the best part of the  evening .Trays and plates of decadent  sweets  covered every surface of the house.
 Ham and turkey where both prepared along with perfect gravy, mashed potatoes  and marshmallow topped sweet potatoes, fresh made cranberry  salad. homemade rolls and  jams, real butter and  winter fruit  salad along with pies of apple ,pumpkin  and pecan .She also made home made cream puffs .
 It seemed the only lights in the house  came form  the kitchen  heated up by the    buzz of   activity.The  rest of the home was lite only by the  sparkle of the Christmas  tree  and its reflections in the eyes of her grandchildren. 
 Grandmother loved  Christmas.  She started making cookies  early  in  the fall ,freezing   doughs as she went along. My favorite where here sour cream roll ups. I have posted the recipe   along with images of how I let this sweet memory influence my latest creations . I call this piece Sweet Erma 

 Sweet Erma  is an  18 inch necklace made of handmade shrink plastic beads and strung on flex wire with  shepherds hook clasp  beads 
 $94 and includes  shipping

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