Sunday, December 20, 2009

My christmas gift to you!

This Christmas I thought I would give a little "how to" to my bogging friends. It is a simple little
Snowman made from a light bulb. Here it is and Merry Christmas to you all!!! Hugs julie

 After adding some ribbon  and silver pipe cleaners . He is done!!

Next I added a layer of glitter to his cap by spreading it with Mod Podge
And then sprinkling it with clear glass glitter. I used a black sharpie  to make his eyes and then a white and red ( not shown Oops ) Stabillo pencil  to make his checks .I  blended  them together in
Circular motion to make pink. A Stabillo pencil will work on all surfaces, even glass.

He is all glued together.

Next I glued his nose , base and cap on with E 6000.

               I used a clear water bottle cap for his base and covered it and his nose with
White glass glitter. I used Mod Podge as the glue  for the glitter.

I sewed a few fun findings and beads to the tip of the cap.

I picked some fun ribbon and sewed it on the rim of the cap.

 Using black velvet I cut a flower shape for his collar.

I stitched  the cap together with black thread. It is hard to see but the raw edge of the
felt was cut with pinking shears.

I used wool felt  to make the cap,which is part rayon , part wool .
I buy this at Joann Fabrics by the yard.

To make a cone shaped hat pattern I just folded the edge of a piece of paper. I made sure the
base was  the width I wanted. I can always trim the bottom base edge later to round it off.

For his nose  I made a jelly roll from paper clay and then by pressing firmer on one end
 while I rolled, I  tapered it into a cone shape . When it is dry you can sand the rough  edges .

For starters I sprayed a small clear light bulb with frosted glass spray paint.

For starters I sprayed a small clear light bulb with frosted glass spray paint.


sharon said...

Oh my Julie!! This is so adorable, so wonderful, and soooo very generous of you! Thank you sooo sooo much!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...I am confident that your trade recipient will be very happy with what you do!

stregata said...

Thanks for sharing this, Julie! So generous of you to share your magic!! This little snowman is so cute!

Renee Troy said...

You are so clever...Love this, very sweet. Thanks for sharing your technique.

Caryn Lynn said...

I love all the recycled pieces that make up this adorable snowman. So clever and cute. Happy Holidays to you!

Terri Kahrs said...

What a wonderful gift, Julie! Thank you sooo much! Love that you've "gone green" with this little guy too. Warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas! Holiday hugs, Terri

Diane said...

This little snowman is cool--thank you for sharing, Julie!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


What a sweet snowy friend! Thank you so much for sharing, I think I have time to make a couple of these.
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Hens Teeth said...

Julie, I tried to send you a reply but sdomehow it got bounced back!
Thank you so much for the comment left on my blog, it made me happy and sad at the same time. x
I wish you a peaceful and happy festive season, much love and a big kiss on that little doggy nose.

OliveraPlants said...

Thanks so much Julie - he is adorable! Looking forward to your class at FS in January! Twyla

jamjar said...

wonderful, such a sweet decoration, thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

Micah Holden said...

So Cute! Thanks for the tutorial, what a great idea!!

jone hallmark said...

missing you and our "playtime"
maybe we can do it again someday
for now, seems like things are moving right along for you.
hope cal is well and your mom and her new "baby" are well, also.
your re a magician and a fairy godmother all wrapped up in one lovely package
happiest holidays to you, dear friend!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

vey cute Julie! thanks for sharing!

Autumn said...

This was a very fun tutorial! Thank you so much for this lovely gift. You're a doll! Merry, merry Christmas!
~ Autumn Clark

Angela Recada said...

How generous of you! This tutorial was wonderful, and I love the little snowman!

natalie hansen said...

ADORABLE! Thanks Julie! Have a wonderful, and magical Christmas!! xoxo Natalie

Beth Anderson said...

Thank you Julie - he is so sweet and I'm so glad you shared the process with us. Who would have thought with a light bulb!!??
You're incredible!

Maija said...

Thanks for the fabulous tutorial Julie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Julie!
Stopping by to wish you the most Merry Christmas!!! I look forward to seeing you in the new year!!!


lotsofglue said...

Too cute and fun!!!
Have a wonderful holiday!!