Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dixie is now safe

Yesterday I  balanced   some of the cruelty  in the world . My heart is so filled with joy!!!!! Cal said OK and I was able to rescue this sweet little abused baby .She is 1 1/2 years old  and her name is Dixie. Yes, I am very tight on money right now ,  No I do not know what my future  holds? No, it is never the "right time " etc , etc., but sometimes  we just have to do the right thing. I needed  to help a  hurting creature  as it will help me with my pain and hurt . As I watch her hopefully heal  and grow happy  it will help me do so too. She is  SOOOO  scared  but so badly wants love.  She will get it  my arms and my home  !!!   Dec I adopted a Kitty . You all may  know if you read my  blog or know me personally that  I lost My beloved Peanut this year ,Q tip my kitty and Teddy my other kitty . New pets do not stop the grief . But loss makes room for  new love and Love heals . 
I want to   share  this with everyone as I feel we all need to  do something everyday to balance the evil in the world .
 If you are an animal  lover then sign a petition  to stop  some  cruelty from  happening. It may be in  another country  or right here in our country. Pinterest has pages you can visit  if you need to get informed and know how and where to sign  petitions. (CAUTION)  you need to  know that  looking will be VERY hard .  But remember there  are those out there  fighting  every  day doing this hard work of documenting  the abuse hoping in doing so  we will have the courage to look, take notice  and do are part to help stop the ignorance and evil form happening !!!! As a large  group  of informed  we can make  it happen.IF WE ALSO ACT even in a small way . 
 Here in our own country  is Craigs list. STOP Craigs list  from allowing listings that give animals away for free .These animals   often end up in the hands of VERY  evil people!!!!!!!! Trust me!!! I will not go into the horrible details  but I have  forced myself to research the situation so I know. Just  write them and tell them  they MUST protect the animals  and not allow listings for free animals . They  must make a rule and ENFORCE it that listers  charge  an adoption fee . If you cannot afford say  $65  dollars  to adopt  a pet then I would say  you cannot  afford  a pet. If you want to have   that animal   in order to do harmful things to it and kill it  you will not fork over $65  to do so ,I would hope.
 I know hearing of pain is hard but turning  a blind  eye does nothing to help and makes us all guilty  . We must all  try to do our part.  Also ask your government to make stricter  punishment  and laws  against  animal cruelty. Write your congress man or woman, both federal and state to write the bills for these tougher  laws . 
NOW  PLEASE DO NOT BUY PURE BREED PETS FROM BREEDERS ( my Scooter is a puppy mill rescue dog that was shut down because of horrible cruelty )  you can adopt about  any  pure breed  animal you want. One of  my favorite rescue groups   S.A F.E in southern  AZ has a pure breed Japanese  Chin right now !!! Just google  the breed   you want and find a rescue  group. Even your local shelters  get them everyday !!!!! Sweet little  Westies , Yorkies , shitzus  Bichons ,many Chihuahuas   ( second most  euthanized dog next to the Pit Bull) etc... and super bigger dogs, Retrievers , Shepard's ,Sweet Pit Bulls-yes sweet Pit Bulls . Mean  dogs are raised to be mean by evil owners who instill  FEAR and use abuse to train . 
Evil  and angry people are everywhere.  Taking their anger out on living things.  They hunt and prey  on the weak ones or the ones weak at the time.  We must  fight back  to balance and try our best to fight daily to stop  the harm they cause. Every day give back love in some way even to the evil  doer. Pray  that love  comes into  their  hearts and heals them too.   XO JUlie 

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