Friday, June 19, 2009

Back and forth

Cal and I travel back and forth from AZ to NM. So we are not together all the time. We have been working at trying to sell our home in NM for almost 2 years, UGHHH. We have had  only one very low ball offer. We had to turn it down .So now we have it in a vacation rental program which is going well ,as it is booked for the whole summer and into the fall. We stay in our sweet little guest house with no studio space for me. But at the end of the summer we hope to rent that  out too and spend the  fall and winter together in AZ. while we ride out  this recession and hopefully try to sell the house next year. But for now that leaves us going back and forth. Cal is here in AZ right now. He got in last night and I hopefully go back home with him next week for 4 days . It is all very complicated as  to the  "whys, whens and hows". I am just glad to have him by my side again . He is so Darling ( to me)!! Here he is holding  Max, a friends dog.   


hint said...

He looks like a lot of fun! Good luck with the travel and the house. We have the 2 house thing going too, but luckily only several blocks away :)

Silke said...

Wow, that must be a great stress with the house! I am glad you are able to rent it out and maybe be in one place for a good amount of time. I bet the commuting gets old - although you commute to and from two gorgeous areas. I am glad we sold our house in NM when we did - we heard it was the last house in our neighborhood to sell... I'm glad you are able to rent yours out! :) Silke

lilylovekin said...

Hope you are having a lovely well deserved good time.

sharon said...

It's great that you can spend some time together and enjoy each other....we all need that!! Everyone's lives are really stressed I think with the state of the world.
I try to tell myself things may be hard, but they could be harder, and we have health and each other!!
Have a wonderful time!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you two are together again. Separation is hard on the soul. Thank goodness you are able to rent out your NM home. Love having you in AZ and hope your home sells soon and you can be here more.

stregata said...

Enjoy the time with your loved one - it is precious!

Gail said...

Well Julie, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by! And in spite of all the bad things, there are a lot of wonderful things in life to be grateful for, don't you agree? There you glass is half full again, lol!

Gail x

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hey Julie Just sent you an email,
thank you for the beautiful present I love it!

Sorry about the house stress I have been there, when our house in Ohio sold I was so thankful. I am glad to hear the renting is going well:)

Hang in there my dear,

whymsicalmusings said...

Julie my heart goes out to you. My DH Clay and I lived this way for nearly 3 years. He was in Texas because of his job and I was in Oklahoma. It has all worked out.SMILE

I hope you enjoy every minute together!

Beth Anderson said...

He's got to be a darling!
Enjoy your precious time!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hello Wings

Two cuties in that picture....
I'm sending selling house thoughts your way. And thanks for being such an illuminator!