Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today was a much better day then yesterday. I cannot thank everyone for the words of support. It really helped. I woke up and made coffee and went out to the patio. It is still cool in the morning and gorgeous, that is  if you get up around 5 - 6 ish. Anyway I  have a wonderful lemon tree right off  my patio and a nightingale  is making a nest in it ! She has braced it up against one of the few remaining lemons. I hope the lemon stays in place for the nesting  season or the "cradle will fall"... Oh and this is peanut in her little "night night nest" taking a  mid day snooze. What a little pink  piggy tummy she has...


Jamie said...

Here crossing my fingers that the lemon stays put! I have never seen a nightingale before. How exciting!! I want to curl up with Peanut in her "night night" nest:) Have a wonderful Tuesday sweetie! Love, Jamie

Denise S. said...

Hi Julie
Are you getting excited for this weekend? I wish I could be there to learn from you and meet all the other girls.
We got home Saturday night. Oh what a great time I had. Nina is everything you would hope for and more in a teacher and a person.
So sorry about the dog incident. We stopped in Utah on the way back home and I had something similar happen. I had gone to Walgreens and was getting out of my car to go in when I noticed that the car next to me had a dog in it. On a closer look all the damn windows were up and he was just panting so hard. I take a few steps toward the door and out walks this young guy. I look at him and say hey is that your dog in the car he says yeah and I say well he is burning up and his reply,nah he's fine. Some people should not be allowed to have pets.
I would love to hear your nightingale as I don't believe I have ever heard one.

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hello Miss Julie!! :-)
I am so loving Peanut's belly! LOL!
What I love more is your projects below that you are submitting to Art Fest!! Good Luck my Sweets!! They are Fabulous!!!!
Hugs to you!!!!

stregata said...

Nightingales have such sad sweet songs. I used to hear them at night in Berlin. Out here in the countryside, we don't have any.
Peanut is really cute.

Beth Anderson said...

Oh my, a lemon tree - that sounds so lovely and exotic to us mid-atlantic dwellers! How sweet to have a nest so close.
Take good care of Peanut.....she looks so sweet napping.

susanc said...

I'm glad today was a better day for you Julie. I don't think I have ever heard a nightingale sing (reminds me of that song "...a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square".

Peanut looks so sweet sleeping - her little pink tummy is adorable!