Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where to begin

My Sister Lorrie .She is a queen to me!!
Boy can Mary ( sweet peas and snap shots ) do a display!
Jane's "cottage"
Jane and me
Melaine and Kris
Steam punk Lily class
our work table
My headband from April

I have no real words to describe this amazing event at Jane Pollacks "Sand Castle Sirens " premiere event. But I will try. First and fore most Jane and her" art takes a village". Jane  has a heart of pure gold and wisdom beyond belief .I could follow her around all day and take  notes  as she talks  and then I would  come  up with the  best "best seller "self help book every printed!  No wonder she has created this amazing charity that helps woman with addictions through  art, mainly the paper arts. SO PLEASE Peeps  if you have any paper arts stuff  you do not use anymore ... especially glues etc . Consider sending them to Jane for her girls . I would like to share one story Jane  shared with me  about one of the women in her group. It brought  me to tears. I tell this with the utmost respect for this woman and her road to recovery.  This woman  has been addicted to valium and vodka since the age of  4 , simply because her mother did not want to deal with her wee daughter being a "Child" so she "drugged" her to keep her "calm"....  This breaks my heart!    
So with that bit of background , on to the  event . Those of us from out of town stayed in Jane's beautiful "cottage" on Coronado Island ,right on  the beach  . We were treated like queens -soft bedding, comfy spots to hang, cool inviting ocean air, fab. "eats", bonfires on the beach and smores too. The event offered 2 days of classes and I was so honored to teach the most amazing gifted students that created outstanding art  pieces!! Congrats to you all. You did soooo GOOD!!! Sunday was the vendor event to benefit the charity, with part of the proceeds going to " Art Takes a Village" . There were amazing handmade items and wonderful vintage goodies to choose from and Catered food flowed. Then to top all of this off, I got to spend the whole time meeting and hanging with truly GOOD and kind people and made  friends I hope to have for life. Jane has buddies who help too. April who made me the most DARLING sea shell head band in the world. I have tried to feature it in some of the photos . She hopes to make it into a class that you may take in the future . I cannot tell you how many people just LOVED it Thanks Sweets! Then Melanie , the baker of the year!! I hear her goodies were to last the whole weekend ... sorry darling when you bake that well what do   you expect ...they were gone by sat. night as we gobbled them all down. O.K. now to Deb ( Hodges) you may all know Deb from
 breathing bedside us . I am a proud owner of the special bags she made for us with the "sirens" logo on them. I did not get to thank her as  I got mine just as I left .I could have cried when my sister brought it to me as a waited in the car for her as we left( She had gone back for an item she had left in the house  and Jane gave it to her to give to me at that time)THANKS Deb and Lorrie loves her "man" bag too. Well, my post is getting  really long  so enjoy the photos.   


stregata said...

Well Julie, it sounds like you had a REALLY good time! Glad things went well and hope you will be sharing more details!

sharon said...

Looks over the top Julie...so glad it turned out good for you and everyone!!

Deb said...

What a wonderful event. What a great cause to be apart of. You helped make the event alos a great success. Can't wait to hear all the tales.

Silke said...

Oh, Julie, that sounds sooo wonderful! I hope that retreat is repeated in future years - I'll have to keep it on my radar. It looked heavenly!! Wow!! Hugs, Silke

Beth Anderson said...

First I was so happy to see a picture of Lorrie - what a cutie, but I knew she was with her adorable personality.
What a fabulous time - you were so lucky to be part of it and thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Fran said...

I am so please to hear you had a wonderful weekend. It was great that Lorrie could join you. I was so pleased of know she was there with you. I am so honored to have you share the details with me. My hat off to Jane for the wonderful work she does. She has to be a beautiful person. Love

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my Julie what a fabulous Time! What a wonderful cause! Thank you for sharing your class with us it made my day:)

Karen said...

How wonderful!!! It all looks so great there! Thanks for sharing!!

Jamie said...

This sounds so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing sweetie! Love, Jamie

Jenn said...

beyond wonderful!! thanks for sharing with us Julie:):)

Nancy said...

Oh what fun! How fortunate that you were able to be a part of this amazing and wonderful event. And for such a great cause. I'm jealous...would love to have been there. You continue to spread not just your incredible talent but also your darling, sweet personality.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

Your photos are just beautiful and I am sorry I missed the event and did not get to meet you in person! Hope you come to San Diego again!

Melanie said...

Thank you for everything Julie!! I'm so happy to have met you and I so love my projects... I will cherish them! ;) xoxo

Beth Quinn said...

ohhh i sure wish i was there too - but you know how if only we had a clone to be at two places at once -LOL!!!! anyways from all the pics i am seeing i can tell this event was to die for !!! so happy for you !

Mosaic*Queen said...

I've been reading about this event on several blogs and WOW!!! How FUN!!!! And who doesn't love Coronado???Especially those of us from the freakin' HOT desert!
Congrats on the class Miss Julie! I bet it was a super success and THAT is not blog sugar :-)
Hugs to you!


jackieb said...

Julie you made the event even more FABulous with your two class projects.

I show my "little works of art" to everyone and they are amazed at the technique.

I still think of your professional terminalogy "pokie thing" etc. ha ha ha

The class was sooo much fun and you are a sharing and caring person. As is your sister, Lorri.

So happy to meet both of you and know i will see you again.

I wish you much success.

Ruth said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a blast... that headband is gorgeous too :)