Monday, July 27, 2009

The edge of the unkown

Hi to everyone. I am so sorry for not visiting anyone in blog land for while and not posting. I am in a bit of a life crisis at this time and working hard to resolve it but just want to check in with everyone as I miss you all.I Hope everyone out there is having a good summer mine has been HOT in more ways then one. Hugs to all Julie

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Under contract

We are under contract!!!!!! Oh happy day!!!  We just have to make  it through the home inspection and hope our buyer gets loan approval . I feel it will all  be O.K 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The best we can do

So the saga of our house continues. We are back in negotiations, and are working with a very low offer. But have decided it is best to let it go and hopefully  move on. I did a little house  painting to send good karma to the sale . I hope it goes through at this point we will be blessed to not pay to get out of the house as many in this country may have to do  or worse yet  are loosing their homes all together.  From here on out I want to think of what I have not what  I "think"  I lost  . We  hopefully will trade worry  for a simpler  less stressful life  and hey !!The only real thing you have in life is your LIFE , your loves and if you are lucky your health.  Many I know who have heath worries know how very true this is . I personally know  this from my past and to those of you fighting health issues my heart is sooo with you. You can teach us all so much!! So  with all  that in mind . By By house!!!! ( I hope )  and hello  all the new things life will  bring !!! I'll keep you posted literally... tee hee

I'm Painting

When I came back from Az to Santa Fe last week I gave myself a challenge to just work with limited supplies and do  paintings. So that is what I have been  doing !! Cal says my girls look like my sister . HMMM I think he may be right.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little cutie

I just got back to santa fe and waiting for me was my little round robin treat made be Maija. I just cannot do Stuffiies and love them. This little sweetie is so cute sitting in my flower pot!! She sure  makes me smile as  she reminds me of one of  my childhood loves  "It's a small world" at Disney land.


Do you ever have one of those weeks were you feel immobilized or frozen ? That was last week for me, but after a few good nights  sleep and  some gardening this morning.  I feel rested and ready to face a creative week. Hoping to get out there and visit some blogs  and see what  everyone has been up to. I have missed everyone.