Thursday, July 16, 2015

Busy Bee

I have been  a busy bee ... creating new works  from the line of handmade shadow boxes I just  loaded on to my etsy  supply shop .
 These are several necklaces and  hanging  display shadow boxes  I  created.
The need came for  me to create a line  of small "ready to decorate " shadow boxes or small shrines  when I found that  I loved  creating  wearable  art jewelry but often found I did not wear jewelry.

This was the  shadow box base  I used  that  I now have for sale under the  "ready to decorate" section of my etsy shop


This was the base I  used for Expedition. This base is also for sale on my etsy shop under  the 
"ready to decorate" section 
Below are some  of the  other ready to decorate handmade  items I have on my esty shop .

Thanks of stopping by - XO Julie