Wednesday, October 20, 2010

heading to Atlanta

In the morning I head to  Atlanta Georgia to teach two classes  at Jill Coopers I have not yet met Jill  and yes  she is really married  to Jack- Tee Hee . I am sure  it will feel as if we  have known each other as  she is part of "the  clan" you know- creative folks !!  I know it  will be another "best time". Speaking of creative folks  and best times ,when I was teaching in  Portland at  Art and Soul , 2 weeks ago , I did the  three day class with  Nina Bagly .What can I say about this woman , she  is an old soul!! My soul is just a teenagers compared to her.  Here is what I made. The class was called " because I want to remember"  and yes I learned a lot and will remember the Nina wire wrap  !! Thanks   Nina.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Solona Beach CA fun Nov. 19 20 21

  I want to post today about 2  friends  Terri Brush and Deb Hodge  If you live in southern CA mark a date for Nov. 19, 20 , 21 when   they will both be in Solana Beach southern CA . This is a very sweet place to attend a wonderful vendor event at the Mermaid Mercantile and see Deb's wonderful  wearable art  as well as other unique vendor wares . Then hop up the stairs to a sun filled studio and take 1 , 2 or all 3  days of fun classes with Terri Brush !!  This sweet little beach town has not lost its bygone small beach town feel either and makes for one wonderful pre holiday fun filled weekend. Think -pretty home, pretty body adornement , pretty art  and Pretty NICE people!!
Terri's work!!! and just one of the fun items  you will make !

Deb's work and just one of the fun items  you can wear!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Art in Soul Portland

I am all snugged into bed in my hotel suite in Portland  for  Art and Soul this week .   I teach  3 classes   and get to take a 3 day class with Nina  Bagly . My sister Lorrie   is coming  in  for the class  with Nina too (  Time with Lorrie  is always my best time!!) . I left behind a wonderful mess in my stuido as I  created up a storm  . How come ones  studio  has to end up  looking  like this ( see below )  to create this...

  I made this for the teapot art auction. The theme is Wonderland!!I had to add a  Stempunk twist .


Peanut  thought if she perched on my suit case she could go too.

The whole process of me packing and creating just exhausted Scooty!