Sunday, July 25, 2010

OMG.... Lookie lookie!!!

I think I am going to pass out at the sheer beauty of these amazing stump work artist and these are kits that can be ordered!!!!!!  I stumbled on this site last night Colour Stream The owner/artist name is Robyn Alexander .She carries several amazing artist as well as her own kits and supplies of yummy hand dyed silks ,velvets, felts etc..... I have always been fascinated by the stumpwork art  but have considered my sister the needle work artist in the family. But alas I am going to take the plunge and order a kit for Lorrie and I , and maybe with Lorries' help, togehter ( Also this means Lorrie and I doing several weekends together best times)  I can learn, as a trip to Australia or New Zealand is out of the question at this time. I will keep you posted as to how I do but do go visit the site and drool.

My sister's amazing work!!! LilylovekinTails -blog  ( the pocket holds a vintage hankie with a poem  of hers hand stamped on the surface) Her name is Lorrie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fins and fangs- yes they do go together just read and see

I just got back from a purely magical weekend in Manhattan Beach attending and teaching at Kim Caldwell's Mermaid event. Kim is beyond talented at event planning .No detail is left unattended EVERYTHING ran like pure magic. From the vendor night to the cupcake party with a tour bus ride to the flea markets and antique stores. 4 different classes where taught and Make and Takes ,Swaps and Dress Up contest where all a part of this magic . At one of the wonderful luncheons Jenny Doh gave one of her inspiring lectures . Dearest Maija introduced me to the chocolate martini and for those who joined us in the evenings at the Sweet Belamr hotel lounge and bar, you all know I Loved them!! I did not have the mac and cheese. But I think Danielle had it every night ? I have to say the best part was hanging with the gals . And an extra treat was meeting dear Renee and Lisa at Houston's sunday night .Bless them for putting up with my hyped up personality as I tend to get a bit hyper when over stimulated .Sorry... Guess this makes me kind of like a kitty cat at least that is how my Boo Boo was ,but I do not bite thank goodness ??? Now for the name contest HMMMM I have such a hard time with names and am guilty of calling everyone Sweetie and Dear ( old age) but on my drive home I practiced putting the names to faces in my head..... Julie, Karla, Char , Priscilla, Terry, Christine, Jessie, Jennifer, Maija , Sherry, Cheryl, Val , Kim , Danielle Melissa, Maureen,Holly, Karin, Jane ,Jenny ,Michele, kay ellen, Denise ,Beth ,Sherry, Cynthia Jamie....... How am I doing?? I know I have left many out ,so sorry Dears and Sweeties .Oh and I am still working on the Camera issue .My new camera came in the mail just in time to take to the event. But I am still trying to figure out how to load the pictures. So to give you a visual to go with this post I am adding a funny You Tube short . This does not have anything to do with the mermaid weekend except that I found mermaids love vampires . Lets not go there!!! Hope this makes you laugh, that is if you are a Twilight , True Blood fan or both. Thanks Michele for linking this on your blog I found it when visitng your blog. Michelle is the lovely owner of Paper Tales . Sure hope to teach there soon!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Frenzy Stamper

Once a month I teach classes at the Frenzy Stamper in old Town Scottsdale. Debbie Bick the owner of this wonderful mixed media store has been so good to me  and the artist that come to my classes are just the sweetest group of Gals . I have added what I call my "stimulus package" to the 6 hour classes starting in Sept. and will provide lunch along with the  class fee . The Frenzy Stamper has become kind of a testing ground for my new classes too as the Gals are always up to new things. So here is where  you can take the latest classes developed by me . So come be the first and a Guinea Pig too!!! I have listed on my web site a hotel The Valley Ho for those that may like to come in from out of town. This hotel is the  "Cats  Meow" It is a restored 1956 mid century modern hotel done in the latest modern design . A destination all by itself with its pool,  spa, wonderful restaurant and Trader Vic's next door.
The Frenzy Stamper is also one  of the best mixed media stores out there  and  all of this is in   the famous Old Town Scottsdale area , the home of galleries, fine restaurants and shopping. Am I doing a good pitch!!?? TEE HEE !!!  Oh and if your guy likes to golf well bring him along cause ain't no place like Scottsdale for it's golf courses!!! There you have it a weekend  perfect for 2!!! Check  it all out and  my classes too all  posted  through Sept at  and more coming soon.

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Paper Glyps

Oh and .... Shelf Life + MORE----------

The , Valley Ho
Instead of wine in the room they provide vodka  and martini glasses Ya gotta "Dig it Daddy O!!!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

For the love of influences =1st in a series of post

 I have been wanting to do a series of blog post  on other wonderful artist who have influenced me. I think we feel awkward to do this for fear of what others will think " OMG you mean you  copy !!!!"  Well, I hope not exactly, but it is natural to be influenced. All artist are and  they have been all thorough the ages . Hence the saying  " does life mimc art or does art mimc life?"  The thing is each of us has our own artist voice and we represent our art with that unique voice. The influences may or may not be apparent to others if our voice is coming through ( I call this moving it a few generations) But trust me nothing under the sun is unique or new and most anyone would be in denial to think what  they  do is totally without influence , if nothing else nature itself ( the greatest art work of all) is a basic influence . We need to also keep in mind that  all creative gifts are gifts . Not ours but  ours to share . So I am starting   this  series and from time to time I will feature an artist that has had an influence in my work . These artist deserve the thanks and exposure for  sharing their artist gifts and it is my way of saying, thanks for creating . One of the first mixed media artist to inspire me was and is  Julie Arkell . If you do not know her work then here is my introduction . This  piece of mine  is one that I was inspired to create because of my  love of her work .  Ps I also am a Julie Arkell collector. You can find her work at Earth Angels Toys  PSS if you think OMG Julie ( me) is a copier then feel free to call me on that too. I am open to  any feedback .
A Boy and his dog =by me

Julie Arkell's, Piece . Love those wheels and old paper, don't you too!!