Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blissfully in Blissness!!!!

I think I forgot  how to blog. Yikes!!! But here goes and it will be along post !! It must have been fear or the perfectionist in me or who knows what??? Why did I not post along the journey of creating Blissbee??? HMMM I guess I was afraid to jinks the magic. And it has been pure magic.  So here is the picture  unveiling and and more of the story . Our  water damaged  condo  in Santa fe  (which never felt  like home) finally  got repaired  and finished in April. Cal did all  the work traveling back and forth between Bisbee and Santa fe, working  on both the condo and the store . On his last trip  to Santa fe finalizing repairs he listed the place for sale we felt only a glimmer of hope in selling in this market BUT!!! Low and behold  while on the road  back to Bisbee the listing agent called  him and said there is an  an offer coming in!!! We were shocked !!  Of course we accepted  and  closed  last week .  By by Condo !! What  a relief!!! and what a further  message that Bisbee was  meant to be our new home . Cal and I  then  put all our efforts into the boutique  and also   moving  into a permeant rental as we had been moving every few weeks from one vacation rental to the next . . My studio was the first  to be finished in the back room of the boutique . We also found  out that not only is our boutique  the old funeral  home ( hauntings  too) but my studio is the embalming room- ya gotta  love it!!!  The main   boutique room  and bathroom followed. Soft linen, whites, tongue and grove and a hint of  pale blue cover the walls  .  In the months of April and May art work began  to flood in from all the  wonderful artist who agreed to  allow me to feature their work . Yummy!!!!! everyday has been  like  christmas as boxes arrived-  except  Cal said "YOU CAN NOT KEEP ANYTHING"!!! Anyway the opening kept getting delayed as we had NO idea how long this would  take . A super visit from Lorrie and Bruce really helped as I  was feeling a bit frozen and overwhelmed and  asking myself " Who do you think you are ? and "Can we do this"???? I really needed Lorrie  to see it all as a big adventures like this  in my life just does not seem real or possible with out her input  and  blessing. After their visit  I was able  to pull it   together and with the  permits ok-ed  and the wonderful new sign up  which was designed by Ericka it started to feel real. We still have yet to launch the web site which Sara at Sadie Olive is almost done with and it will feature all the news of  Blissbee along with this blog. Well here are images . Much love  to all of you for your support and I PLAN to stop by and say hi to you all as I have missed you and  feel very out of the loop of your lives !!!

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our "baby" BLISSBEE I also hope some of you may be able to come for a visit we plan to launch the in store classes soon which will be listed on the calendar page of the new we site!!