Sunday, April 27, 2014

Busy getting ready for Gaslight Gathering this weekend may 2-5 in San Diego

I am busy racing the clock to make  art work for my 2 day  vending  event at Gaslight  Gathering in San Diego Ca.A   9 hour drive for me.  I will stay with me beloved friend Dotti aways  a special treat to see her and  and hopefully another dearly  loved  friend Jo .
This will be my first time doing  this show/event  it is about Steampunk and Victorianna . 2 looks I love. The house  is filled with art work parts EVERYWHERE even in the oven . Also I am ordering supplies needed for my kit for  "Lets go for a ride" I am doing for Artful Gathering an online class .sign ups start MAY 1st and  kits are on  sale  on my esty shop
Bisbeebliss. . But will not shop if you order until  after I get back from my event this weekend  I am always  a day  late  and  a dollar short . Then a  blessing came from my  Creator who knew my needs and gave me the  best etsy  sale  day in  a long time it was  enough to order  3/4 of what  I need for the kits. I am sure the rest of the  funds   will come through too . Just for today I am blessed :) The gift of available  funds made me cry I was os grateful. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gettting ahead of my self to the fun stuff!!!

So I told you a wonderful friend linda gave me a 1966 aristocrat 13 foot trailer that I can  pull with my 6 cylinder toyota .  Cal is working labor  trade for other things. For me free labor . So I get to move on to the fun stuff like  picking the colors . I know I want linen  color walls and  the  appliances are AQUA !!!!The fabric will be  outdoor for durability  . So I have selected a   palate but the choices are limited to what you can get in outdoor fabric .  The outside of the trailer will be white  and red to match  the  truck so I want to bring  a bit of red inside too. Any way here are the pictures  of work in progress .All the  trim is taken off and resealed that is the very best way instead of just adding  caulk  . Wood rot can then  be replaced as the metal can be pulled back when the trim is removed . We are lucky the rot is only at the bottom. So it is  easier to  replace then taking the entire metal panel off the entire side. The inside will  have a tiny wet bath added  and twin bunk beds a roof  top ac and heater and then on demand hot water, it will be a tiny state of the art self contained  trailer meaning you can  "Boon dock" for a few days without going in for "stuff"  I am learning the jargon . Here is  what I would like from  you pretty  please.I have 2 fabric color palates I have chosen which  do you think would  be best?. Oh the floor will be laminate wood and the counter Formica in a  brown black fake granite  color  feel.

Choice # 1 More sophisticated with micro suede  seating. 
Choice # 2 bright and fun ,but I have seen the floral and it is  rather big and bold for  a small space