Sunday, July 24, 2011

My week in highlights

My sister lorrie and my mom came for the weekend. I  had begged Lorrie to come in and teach a journaling class for me so I could  learn  some of her skills she is a wonderful journalizer and the  class was soooo much fun  . I lOVE taking classes  .  I have  always frozen up when it  comes  to the collaging  elements and the  putting down  of the text .After her class I now feel   more confidant .She was  a very gently teacher   moved me along  with  just the right nudge  when I got  "stuck " now  thanks to her help I am over the hump.  After class the 2 of us had "sister " time  and kept working for about 3 more hours   and then it was  home to pizza Cal had   ordered for us from  Bisbee's little brick fired pizza shop.  I have also been up to a bit of sewing and have  altered some jeans for the shop and a few little  tops too!! That too was so much  fun that I ordered a surger. It's a refurbished one and I have yet to try it but I am sure it will work fine.. Oh and  this was a little altered spool class I taught last week . Much thanks to the  influence  of   my friend Marie  Kennedy and her little  spools I carry in the shop . My plan is to do a different spool class every six weeks and then at the end of the year those who take the classes will have a fun collection  of altered spools.  This one was called " Poetry in Motion"

set up for class

Diane is intensely into the mess of creating 

Some of the journals  drying ...oh  such pretty colors !!

a page spread in lorries' class sample 
A page spread from my journal with  the start of a Mary Oliver poem 

 My Altered jeans 

A  dress I  altered by turning it  into a tunic

"Poetry in Motion" .... Have a  poetic week!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

blissbee news

Some of the things going on at "Blissbee "this week..

new " meg" clothes came in today  paired up with some "Vintage  Kitty"

More new jewelry

We carrry  Chris Roberts- Antieau
My favorite Fabric folk artist!!!

And then last  but not least our class today was 
"Cross your  heart and hope to fly"!!!! Thats Renee, Ginny and Evelyn.  We have a tiney class  room for 6 students but just  found out we can  rent the back workshop space  in the store  this Fall!!
Have a great rest of the week !

Friday, July 15, 2011


Even thought the store is taking a lot of our time.  I am  finding time to be creative too . It is sooo wonderful to have my studio in the back  room . I even have room for my sewing  machine to be set up all the time and I love my sewing machine it is the crafts expression Janome model. Any way a  new fun thing I made is this doll she is in perfect mode for the fall season  and will be teaching her  this fall  at Terri Brushes  ART CAMP  oct 6 - 10th . The event is sold out but there is always the spring ART CAMP . So plan ahead .