Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The pups are waiting for me to come home

My blog , home and art life has been collecting dust  again but this time for a good cause !! I have been doing another family project !! It is for  my Mom  as she has taken a major step  in seeking help with her  self destructive patterns . 2  1/2 weeks ago she entered  a 4 week retreat program to  seek  help in becoming a more whole and healthy person !!! I could  not be prouder. In exchange for her willingness to do this work on her self  I  am willing and agreed  to be there for  her  and give her the support she needs through the process, which so far has been  being  with her  for 1 week before she went into the program , moving  her into a smaller home and  getting rid of the millions of  hoarded  boxes of   clutter at her old home. I did and am  doing this  while she  is  in the program . This week ( week 3 ) of her program  I am  also doing a  4 day   family week with her to help us both  learn  to communicate better , It has been good, but hard .  I then go back  friday to her home and  finish up more move details  like the estate sale details at her old house  . Hopefully I will have time to  pop home for a visit next week  and then back again  to bring her home and   spend   the first  2 weeks  with her at her  new home in  order to help her  make the adjustment to her new patterns of living and life style . I am sure it will take another life time of work but 2 weeks should help a  bit and many more visit in the future  IF she stays  healthy, but IF not then back to tough love. What more could a daughter  ask of her 73 year old mother but to have the courage to change  and make these  changes at 73 !!! Yippee!!!!! What a great gift she is giving her self and her loved ones !!!  I am so hopeful and happy for her and the family as my Mom has been in crisis  mode for some time and  many family members have been heavy hearted . Please all rejoice with me and remember -As long as there is life their is hope !!Now  the other side of this is my artwork  business and home life have  had to take a major back seat . So  please say a prayer that all will be ok with those things  when I get back to my life again  . And  I want to say  a" Big Thanks "to Cal for being so supportive and helping my Mom with the move too!! Love you Sweetie!!!You have come a long way too!! And I know Peanut and Scooter miss me too and wait patiently for me to arrive back home with them where I belong.