Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm home again!!~

Just a little image that is one of the happy reasons to be home again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Art in Soul Urban Cowgirl style !!! 2011


                               Green Valley Ranch Resort

Art and Soul Las Veges.Vegas 2011. Hey everyone  think about taking a fun break and heading to Art and Soul in Las Vegas next Feb. Last year the event was on the strip. BUUUUT  this year Glenny picked a new wonderful resort out of town. The Green Valley  Ranch Resort  So much comes with your package at this place plus the lovely scenery to boot ( Thats  cowgirl boots Dawling!!) . It will be  the perfect combo of glitz , tranquility and  great art classes. There is also a give away for  sign  ups!! This is a chance to win a piece of art from one of the instructors  including   me!!. I will be teaching 3 classes =
 "Musical Cats and Dogs" , "Enchanted" and "The House of the Rising Sun".

The House of the Rising  Sun

Musical Cats and Dogs 

And You could win this.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Peanut and "Daddy's little boy"  ( Scooty )  say happy Fathers  day to their pack Pappa!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spooky Time Jingles

Guess what? I am the guest artist on Spooky time Jingles a wonderful site for all that is Halloween and Christmas !!! I just introduced a new series called "shelf life " Fun little guys to sit anywhere you would like a wee bit of whimsy!!  Oh and the site also features some of my other favorite  fellow "whimsy " artist too! Go take a peek  at  all  the artist artwork as   it will  be  sure to  put a smile on your face . Also   thanks for all the kind words about Boo Boo. Our pets are also our family, as I know you all  feel too.   Boo Boo was a rescue  kitty and  my heart knows we gave her a life of love . She was also the only pet Mark ever had and I know she is in his arms right now or playing Roly Poly with him with an Angel feather ( her earthly  favorite was a peacock feather )  . Have  fun my loves.

Monday, June 7, 2010

In the arms of the Angels 1995 - 2010

 Boo Boo Kitty died today
This little song is for you my sweet ,timid and  gentle Kitty.
Lovely little Boodle Kitty.
She's My little Boodle Kitty.
Lovely little Boodle Kitty .
Boodle Boodle Sue.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

finally after 4 months

I finally have my Etsy shop full again. I have not listed anything  new in 4 months . I guess that makes me a pretty poor buiness woman.  Here are some of my goodies .....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A perfect storm( in bead land)

Last winter a spent about 6 weeks sorting my beads. I was sooo proud ( I hear it comes before a fall)  . I had them FINALLY all organized and in their little bead boxes by color all in  my perfect paper drawers. WELL then came the move and the photo shows what  happened  . I wonder waht it would cost to have someone sort them again asI  can not yet face this mess  !!! Anyone want a summer job ?? Those  little  bead boxes are for the birds not one clasp held !!!Does anyboy have any fool proof ideas for bead storage and also esay access?? I love  storing them in the thin  paper drawers but the little boxes , now that is another story.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happily Busy!!

Boy it has been several weeks since I blogged. I miss it. Just got back from Art and Soul in Virginian. I hardly ever get to visit the East Coast and the  green of the landscape made  my eyes burn!! I think everyone who lives in the desert feels that way when they visit a wooded state in the spring or summer.  I had a wonderful time and meet some people that I  hope will be long time friends . Hanging with creative  souls really feeds mine.  I lost my Nikon camera on the trip, so no pictures .Hope who ever found it likes it, as it  was a great camera. I have my eyes on the Panasonic Lumix,its smaller then my Nikon. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Well, the move in is going slow. I have been busy creating and not unpacking , I have my studio set up so that is good and I guess all that matters for right now.. Letting the other rooms "ride " is weird for me as I am usually so uptight that all I can do is think about getting organized. HMMM maybe we do change a bit with age or maybe it is the new meds -TEE HEE!! What every it is , it's OK.  I have been revisiting  some past art techniques and also  having fun with color on some  pieces . What ever the mood of the day calls for , color or neutrals The images are of  some of the things I have  been  creating . I am using Cal's camera  .  I also  hope to get by everyone sights to see how everyones summers are  starting!! I love to blog in bed late at  night.  it makes my dreams colorful !!! OH and  My poppies are blooming too !!!  What  is blooming in your gardens ?  Hugs Julie