Wednesday, December 12, 2012

easy short class ideas

One of the biggest challenges in owning the shop is trying to come up with a variety of classes that can be taught in a few hours and can  be  at  price point  that  our Southern AZ's  economical demographic can afford . Bisbee is a town of 4500 with an average income of $36000.This week  I played  with Vintaj Patinas  metal coloring enamals   and  then needle felting using Inktense Pencil by Derwent. Working  with color on metal  is more fun then I thought  and it   dries very durable . The Inktense's are very fun to use on wet fabric and they too dry permanent.  I had fun !!!!!!   

      Vintaj metal color examples  in the  class
 the students can make a wing necklace or owl necklace 

Thsis  is my "intro to needle felting" class the felt was dyed with Inktense colored pencils . 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This week at Blissbee.  I did a painting / collage workshop for Christy and Renee. After  class I messed around a bit more with my wee world moss assemblage in a  rusted tin can. 

Class table

Renee's piece 

Christi's piece 

My piece 

My wee  moss garden world in a tin can .

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New listings on my etsy

It has been a long time since I listed on my" Hey Tommy" etsy shop . These are 3 one of my pieces listed . I have had time to do some of my  " Alterations "dresses  to sell . It's a lot of hand sewn   work so it is fun to stitch  while watching TV . We are watch" Lost" right now .We are on season  3 Cal pretends to hate it  .  I am also teaching "Alterations" at Art and Soul in Portland . It is a very fun class but  if you do  not want to make it you can buy one form me. Still no sign of Teddy.
Paddle your own canoe 

house of dreams


Friday, June 29, 2012

a prayer for teddy

Please everyone say a prayer for Teddy. She did not come in last night. I fear for the worse. I let her run outside  last night and sat with her for  a while then I went to bed and left the door open  with out taking her in with me !! UGHHHHHH How could I  be so  lame ! I am sick !!! I know a  coyote got her !! how could I be such a bad care giver??? 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The cooler

Look what I found on the side of the road!!!  An old cooler, the inside  is galvanized tin. I then turned it into my  desert version of  a fairy garden . The  tin bowl  I found on my last sunday morning  trip to the dump. I am having so much fun with these tin gardens . I made a whole collection  for the store using   old tin cans!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

One year old and other things

Today our little shop is one year old!!! Summer is the slow season in Bisbee but it seems a good time for girls get aways. I have had several groups in the past week. The shops class room is   small so   the  class sizes are too . Thursday I taught an all  day painting  workshop   " Textured Whimsy" the girls pieces turned  out great as they  really put their hearts in to learning . One  of the best bonuses of owning  a shop is making friends. Jill came into the shop the  other day to show off the   pair of fun pants she had made way too cute!! .Last sunday morning  she got me up a 5 AM  to go to the very old city dump site. All that  is left at the  site is   pottery shards ,glass bottles and rusted stuff. She knew I would love it !!! I came home and  made fun collections  of my finds.  Also I want to introduce  you to my  birthday present  from   Cal. Her name is Teddy .It is to bad that  Peanut and Scooty hate her , as she just shakes when they come around.   Does anyone know if they ever will be able  to coexist,  if they did  not grow up together? I am keeping  them separated   for now. 
Terri's bird 

The class room table

Janet with her finished piece.

Jill and her cute pants 

my shard finds 

                                                  perfect southeast outdoor coffee table decor

               Hoping to string these on wire and add banners between them. HMMM it is still             
 an image in my head   . Hope I can find the time to bring the image to life . 

TEDDY!!! My rescue kitty ,birthday present !!
How can people just dump these sweet creatures ? 
She was so skinny living on bugs, Now she just loves to eat.

The little brats known as Peanut and Scooty. Will they ever accept Teddy?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The fairy Garden

When I was a little girl I loved the idea of creating wee house in the woods. So playing  on pintrest this am I found the fairy garden page  SOOOO cute !!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I just discoverd the Mini esty widget  for my supply shop !!! it is so cute.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

another goal meet !

Finally another goal meet and  I can now  cross it  off the endless" to do" list!!!! Yippee .
 I have many request in the shop asking if I  also  sell the clothes on line. Well, now I do! Check it out at!  Also we  are growing each month . I now have 190 items  on our bisbeebliss etsy supply shop too. Our little Blissbee keeps growing each month.  But a word of caution to those who are  thinking  about opening a shop, expect to not have an outside  life!!

Thanks Lady's

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

back from Art and Soul!

I just got back from Art and soul at  Virginia  beach. It was such a beautiful place and hotel for the event. Glenny moved it this year to a smaller hotel right  on the beach. My desert dried out  body loved the water and a  long walk after classes at sunset was perfect .The first evening at sunset  I  gathered shells for my students  to use the  next day in class .  Then I went out for tuna sushi another non desert food sooo YMMMUY!!!!!I met up with old  friendsand made new ones    and  was able to give my down under  blog friend  Jen  Crossley a big hug. Yes, she was there  teaching her wonderful art !!!!!!  I taught  Paper Clay "pups and wheels" and one kitty too. And my  3 times a charm, no  solder charm class .My students  blew me away as my student always do . Here are some images.
 Art and  Souls next event is vegas .  June 13 - 18 2012.

my class  - 3rd times a charm
my class -  pups on wheels 

one of the fiber arts classes 

Wow get a load of this class room set up .....

And the copper enameling class taught in that class room  !!

I finally I gave  Jen   ( Crossley) a big hug we laughed that this was all that we had the time to do .  
And yes that is me with my new "real" me  look.
 I let my hair grow out and I love not coloring it anymore .

The hotel was RIGHT  on the beach and this was our view !!!!

I made a new friend too , plus many others  with less hair.

Heading back home on the road  after a  long flight and then a 3 1/2 hour drive to Bisbee .

This is some of the fun to be had class wise at 
Las vegas Art and Soul 
See  the dress on the far  right that is "Alterations" one of 3 classes I will be teaching . 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The man chair

The favorite spot in the shop for  man and beast  is the "man"  chair .  When  I opened the shop one of the things I wanted was a place for the  men to sit while the women shopped . The chair is very popular . Q tip ( our shop kitty)  is  especially partial to men  so she has taken to  hanging  out  in the chair and waiting  for them to come  in and sit down . This is Kim's partner . I have to say I was very surprised  how many people like cats.  I feared it would be a problem when we took Q tip in, but just the opposite. I would say 99% of the folks just love her and the men do too. In fact one big old farmer type picked  her up one day and draped her over his shoulder and said AHHH she reminds me of my big ol' barn cat I lost years ago. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glad to be back !!

New things going on at blissbee 
Life is full-life is busy ....It is going to "bee" a good year for blissbee and me !My word this year is ACCEPTANCE what is your word for the year??

"Princy"- she makes fine shawls too !!

Sweet Baby Jane   !! Carol popped into  the store  like a gypsy selling her wares  and I feel in love !!

Lorie Garver -  Her angels just fly out the door 

                            "Never more"  our new line of body  and  my altered spoons
New "Eyebobs"( readers ) I  love the bifocals, clear on the top readers on the  bottom.

more "Princy" over "Magnolia  Pearl"

Todays class was  "love potions" a  soldered bottle, and findings
  I also  added  some charms from the  new charm line in our shop .

And Jenny Doh's new book CREATIVE PILGRIMAGE with a how to by yours truly .
Thanks  Jenny they sold like  hot cakes  this weekend . Everyone love you !!