Friday, September 24, 2010

fun things in the works Heytommy shop!!!

Lots of fun stuff going on , summer is over  and it seems it is time to get on the stick and I did. I FINALLY got my web site updated with a new look and added my on line shop which I had wanted to do forever. I sell stuff that I use in my art work and  classes . I was printing this long supply  list of all the places I buy my items and giving it out to students when I taught. I found it was getting complicated  for them and me . So why not just offer everyone "one stop" shopping so they can  go to my site and buy the items  they want and not have to buy them in the bulk like I do for some of the items !! As time goes by I will add more and more things.  I have cute hand crocheted flowers coming in next week  and unpainted game pieces,  paints etc...YIPPEE.  It should be fun and most of all easier for my students and other folks . By the first of the year I hope to have a few kits with dvd instructions.  Cal is building me an awesome light box for shooting the classes with our dvd camera so we get really good light and quality. Well, here it is HEYTOMMY .That is  name   I  also use for my shop on ETSY   . It is a combo of Haymaker Thompson TEE HEE!!  If you have any suggestions for items for me to carry in the shop  that you do not see let me know  .  Oh and USA shipping is free. I am having  trouble with my new web  site publishing right now for some folks I have contacted Tiger technologies about it, so I hope to is all worked out in the next few days. Yuk!!! Computer tech. stuff!!!! What a love hate relationship.

Just some of the stuff in my shop!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fish Out of Water

Another mindless ramble... Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water, my mouth is always  opening and closing . But instead of gasping for air, words come out. I will run my mouth  about anything!!! Sometimes the most  shocking things things are spewed out  but most the time it is  just mindless chatter.  ( help I've started talking and I cannot stop!!) .Often I will feel   guilt  about all this chatter and wish so badly I could make some of the words come back. It amazes me when I meet so many people that are able to censor themselves and therefore in my mind  they are so " nice" . I am just not one for those people. For those  of you who know me  you can also  say "and she even chatters on about chattering" !!! I guess this post is just another one of those chattering moments, but instead of my voice I am using   cyber space to ramble .Well today I am off to teach an all day class. It is one of my favorite projects and the first time I am teaching it at the Frenzy Stamper , "Shelf Life".  Maybe I will bring  ear plugs for the students so they can tune me out when they need to. Tee HEE
 PS -I did the frog jump callenge  ( bellow post and link)  , correct  about 3 times  but for the life of me I do not know how it happened.  Try it it's silly fun!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Leap frog !!!

For a while I have been having a hard time keeping my brain on a train of thought. I feel even flakier then ever. Is it age or what !!???  Well I droped by a new blogger friends Blog and he had this link to a puzzle. I could  not resist trying . Yikes! now a feel even duller !How do you do this darn thing?????

New on Pfatt market

Every month  on the 10th I list new items on Pfatt market . These are 2 pieces I did, inspired by my smaller ( tiny) versions . It is fun for me to see how things change when you work in different sizes .
 The artist Jeff Koons  has been doing this for years taking basic irelevent small objects and blowing them way up in size. He oftern works in chrome . Also  think of  the Sta puff marshmallow man in the old movie Ghost Busters. Oh do not worry mine are NOT ten feet tall ( TEE HEE) .Only about 12 - 17 inches.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspiration and influences

Number 2 in my  series  on inspiration and influences. From time to time , as I had stated in a past  post   I want to feature artist that I am inspired by and as before  if you feel I have overstepped my boundaries let me know . I just want to say very few of us have an original thought yet in that  all of us are original !! Life, nature, society  are all  influences. This is good and unavoidable if you are a visual person. This post is dedicated to the the artist Elizabeth Frank ( her esty). I first saw  her work at Sequoia, a  unique gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico . I lusted after this Angel  for 6 months and then I took the plunge and had to have it which meant a special order from her as the piece I had original saw  was long gone . . . 3   years later when  working on some pieces to teach at Hacienda de  Mosaico  I  put my influence to work along with my other techniques to create my pieces called "Someone  to Watch Over Me". Here we go....

Elizabeth Frank's work

My Angels 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tunnel Vision

What do  you see??? I took this shot on a recent road trip .  I thought it was very thought provoking .  I would love to hear your  thoughts???