Monday, February 21, 2011

Plan B is for BISBEE!!!

Big thanks to everyone  for  your  comments and advice !!!  We where all ready to move  to Michigan  and then Mom said no and  she was the deciding force as it is her home. I trust the universes so much in all I do as  everything happens for a reason and when one door closes others always  open .And  open they DID !!  As of my last post we where still in Bisbee as the our condo was and IS  still not repaired!!!   We keep feeling that we are meant to move out of Santa fe .  The morning  after Mom said no , I went for my walk with the dogs  which took me downtown Bisbee . As   I walked along I passed  by this cute old building and noticed a  new for rent sign in the window  ?  My thought was we  could never afford the rent for this place but I  called any way for fun. WOW it was affordable  and we where first in line.  WE took a leap of faith and rented the place. The next few days we also found I cute  old house within our budget to rent  . After a week long trip back to Santa Fe to check on the condo repairs which are NOT progressing .We where able to have the insurance company  pay for our move  to Bisbee !!  Our things are in storage as we do not get the house rental till April . I can only feel  that this is meant to be as it just flowed into place .  Cal is working on doing stuff to the shop as it has a little room in the back that will be my mess making studio .The   shop will carry antiques and art and I will have a small teaching studio offering on going weekend classes both short and long. Tons of cute  boutique hotels are everywhere for those who might want to make  a trip and take a workshop. Bisbee is well worth the 1 1/2 hour drive from Tuscon as it is  so historic  and a creative visual meca oh and the airport does offer a shuttle once here everything is within  walking distance! I can hardly wait to teach  a watercolor journaling  class here  .  Tiny tin roofed victorian  houses and old run down miners shacks  cover  Bisbee's  steep hills and tons and steps lead you everwhere  - soooo  cute. The town gets a fair amount of tourist trade on the weekends and is so unique and cute as a button yet Funky as HECK  !!! Perfect for my ex hippie hubby and my free   artistic spirit!! As  we get a bit more settled in I plan to start a new BLISS BEE blog , that the name of our store  . I welcome any ideas and what ever .Wish us luck !!! Oh and p.s. last fall my computer died and it just DID IT AGAIN !!! So I am using Cal's Mac but have no access to my files or old photos  . Always by the Apple protection plan as   it is well  worth the cost !!!

Pictures  of the store!! Our's is on the left .