Sunday, February 19, 2012

The man chair

The favorite spot in the shop for  man and beast  is the "man"  chair .  When  I opened the shop one of the things I wanted was a place for the  men to sit while the women shopped . The chair is very popular . Q tip ( our shop kitty)  is  especially partial to men  so she has taken to  hanging  out  in the chair and waiting  for them to come  in and sit down . This is Kim's partner . I have to say I was very surprised  how many people like cats.  I feared it would be a problem when we took Q tip in, but just the opposite. I would say 99% of the folks just love her and the men do too. In fact one big old farmer type picked  her up one day and draped her over his shoulder and said AHHH she reminds me of my big ol' barn cat I lost years ago. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glad to be back !!

New things going on at blissbee 
Life is full-life is busy ....It is going to "bee" a good year for blissbee and me !My word this year is ACCEPTANCE what is your word for the year??

"Princy"- she makes fine shawls too !!

Sweet Baby Jane   !! Carol popped into  the store  like a gypsy selling her wares  and I feel in love !!

Lorie Garver -  Her angels just fly out the door 

                            "Never more"  our new line of body  and  my altered spoons
New "Eyebobs"( readers ) I  love the bifocals, clear on the top readers on the  bottom.

more "Princy" over "Magnolia  Pearl"

Todays class was  "love potions" a  soldered bottle, and findings
  I also  added  some charms from the  new charm line in our shop .

And Jenny Doh's new book CREATIVE PILGRIMAGE with a how to by yours truly .
Thanks  Jenny they sold like  hot cakes  this weekend . Everyone love you !!