Monday, August 29, 2011

new classes at Blissbee

Just got my classes listed for the next 6 weeks on! Most are small easy under 3 hour classes ,unlike  my workshops and retreats. I am working on making these smaller classes into  kits and already have 3 listed on my etsy  site. Boy all this takes so much time. When you come up with this ideas .You think... oh ya I will do this and then that and then this !!! and theeeeeen  2 months later you only  have a tad of your ideas  done. Why can't the  days be 48 hours  long and  why can't we live a lot longer too ! So much  fun stuff  to do and  so little time. Do any of you every feel this  way??
Sew Spookly

Mosaic cupcake music box

Wee Doll


Rusted Relic 

finger fun

House of wood and paper 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes you can drill into the doll

This is an update to Sundays post . I had time to play with the Tim Holtz rusted doll I showed in the last post and YES you can drill into the plastic!! I drilled a hole for the wings so that they are secured  with glue and a small nail  and I drilled her head and added a  wire wrapped hanger. SOO Easy and kind of nifty looking ?? Oh she has a wee real pearl necklace .

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Julie's How to for creating real rust finish!!!

Today I am going to  show  a mini "how to"  on  creating  real rust  finishes on metal, wood ,paper and  plastic.  I use a 2 part process using real iron paint and then an easy   rusting solution .  
Both can be cleaned up with water
I started with a piece of card stock paper , a Tim Holtz plastic
"fractured doll" ,
A wood tag and a tin bottle cap.

Next I painted them all with the "Blissbee iron paint".
 2 heavy coats on the wood and paper and  4 heavy coats on the plastic  doll and tin bottle cap.
I allowed each coat to dry before re-coating .  The iron paint is then cleaned  up with water .
I then coated each with  2 coats of the rusting solution. I used a paint brush for this as it agitates the surface a bit  . Also use gloves for this process and allow each  coat to dry naturally . The first coat will not show much rusting action. The second coat will. You can then clean the  solution  up with water . Dispose of excess properly.
The iron paint and  rusting solution(enough to cover 3 sq. feet) can be bought on the Blissbee web site or right here. 
It is 32.50 and that includes shipping

 These are  Tim Holtz's  plastic" fractured dolls" (small 2 " large 3).
You should be able to drill into these unlike  porcelain.  So an eye hook could  possibly  be added for hanging. I have not yet tried this but I would  add a clear matt sealer to the finish if I was to do so and use it for a necklace .  
 These can also  be bought on the Blissbee web site or right here. 
They are   $6.30 and that includes shipping.

 Thanks for reading and putting up with the "pitch",
 I have to say this is one of my favorite techniques .

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

busy and having fun

It was off to Art Unraveled in Phoenix this last weekend. A fellow artist  friend and wearable art artist
Lorri Scott  ruptured her retina YIKESSS!! So  was unable to teach and run her booth at Art Unraveled . She asked if Lori Garver,  my sister  Lorrie and myself  would run her vendor booth for the event. It was a shopping frenzy all day as we played Barbie arraigning and rearranging  clothes and we  sold like mad!!! The rest of the weekend was spent in  quite play time as my sister and I journaled at our  Mom's dining room table. It was a wonderful weekend all around and nice to get away from the shop . Cal was left  in charge there  and did a fine job of it  too.
On the way to phoenix .Yes this really is the Arizona Desert!!!

A happy customer  in Lorri  Scott's wonderful clothing .

The Business  of vending 

The end of the day -Lori , Julie and Lorrie 

Journaling fun !!

You are given one little  spark of madness.....

You mustn't  lose it. 

2 pages from my journal - simply dry brush painted  backgrounds using  Claudine Helmuth paints  (which  I LOVE ) a few collage elements and some letter  stamping.