Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Journey

                                                                 I am on my way .

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Blissbee wholesale

I am launching a wholesale  shop and am looking for small boutiques that want unique hand made lower priced items . These are items that I made and did well  in my boutique "Blissbee" which I closed in April . I am  working with etsy to get  into their new wholesale site but they seem to not be able to get past the idea of etsy supply shop " bisbeebiz" and say they do  not what to carry wholesale supplies .  I asked them to reconsider and sent them pictures but have not heard . My email  to them  will most likely  end up in the mac trash can . If anyone knows of any store owners  that my work would fit well with please let me know as I would appreciate it so much!!! I cannot afford a  wholesale trade show   yet so I am relaying on word  of mouth and the internet.  My web site has all the info and bigger better picture. This is just a promo video . Thanks Julie