Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gypsy Stew

I recently had a cold and this is a super Chicken Stew to help the lows  that come with a  cold.
I rarely  eat meat and when I do it is fish and organic free range chicken ONLY . I have a hard time eating another creature that  has given its life so I might  have a meal. I also will not eat any animal that has suffered the cruel forms many companies use to raise and butcher  the animals we eat.  I research the companies  I buy from and stores I buy from too. WALL MART IS A BIG NO NO FOR MEAT as  they buy from  cruel processors.  OK  my rant is over.) Here is the recipe for my "Gypsy Stew" it is from the restaurant  'The Pink Adobe"  in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2-4 = breast  free range organic chicken  cut up into  large bites
1-2=cartons free range organic chicken stock. You may need to add water too as all the ingredients need to be covered with liquid
3-4=yellow onions chopped into in chunks
4-6=small red potatoes  cut into  small chunks
3/4 cup cooking sherry
Salt and pepper to taste.

Place these items in a pot and  slowly  cook for an hour. Try not to boil.

1-2= 16 oz can diced tomatoes.
1=13 oz.  frozen  tub green hatch fire roasted chiles, more if you like it very spicy  !!
Put these  2 ingredients in  a bowl and marinate them together while the top ingredients simmer.

 Once the stew is done , add the  tomatoes  and chiles  then simmer for another 1/2 hour. Just before serving add another 1/2 cup of cooking  sherry and DO NOT  BOIL.

Serve in bowls adding diced Monterey jack cheese and sour cream . Also serve  with warm tortillas  on the  side. YUMMY !

A lemon desert such as key lime pie  or lemon sorbet is a perfect after treat.