Saturday, February 9, 2013

my first DVD class!!!

I did it ,my first full length class on DVD ! I have said I will be doing this for over 4 years . I finally did it!!!   I created  DVD class of one of my creations .
The little pewter heart on wheels featured  in my last post is now a class on DVD . It comes with all the materials in a kit from  and the 2 part Full feature DVD . I have it on my etsy shop ! Hope you will take a look. Thanks Julie

2 Part DVD

Project image ( what you will make)

                                                             supplies you get  in your  kit
                                                      more  supplies you get  in your  kit

                              tools you will need to provide plus a dremel or drill adn 1/16 drill bit

                                Kit with all materials  and 2 part  DVD $70.00
                                       on my etsy  Bisbeebliss

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