Sunday, November 2, 2014

My tiny house on wheels

I thought I would show a few pictures of my trailer project .It does not look like much but let me tell you a lot has happened to this little baby  since we literally dug it out of the desert earth, it had been sitting in for years. We then had it towed  to the house on a flat bed . All the  outside rim trim was taken off so the metal "skin" could be removed and wood rot replaced on the  frame. That included every  bit of trim removed,the windows ,vents,  major frame work  etc. All the hatches and doors need readjusting too.
I hope when I get the funds I can take my dead computer to a service center and have them see if the hard drive is ok and hopefully  salvage all my pictures ( I have older ones of the trailer )The  Apple store would not touch it as  they said it could have toxic damage??!!! so what good is the $350 warranty I MISS STEVE JOBS!!!
If the trailer had not been a free gift -Bless Linda for this !!!!! it would not be worth it I am sure . But it was a blessing , one meant to be and so I embrace dearly  as such. 
After  the wood rot was replaced and the metal  "skin" put back on, new water seal tape was added and  the trim put back on ,over 1000 new stainless steel screws  where used .On  the inside all new plumbing  all new electrical service, was added  upgrading from 20 amp to 50 amp service so the trailer can handle the new roof top ac unit, heater, computer  ( and creative power tools of course) re-fridge  and added lighting . We also  added a tiny bathroom as you can see with the custom made steel shower pan. The toilet will be real ,no porta potty for me -yuk  and a tiny hand  held shower . To add head space to the bathroom that had to go over well well , a skylight will be  added over the bathroom to give it 10 more inches of head room. It is tough to squeeze this all into a 13' x 7' trailer and add nooks for  all my art supplies .Plus a nook for the Doggie's  water bowl and food bowl and they get a doggie door in the front door too. 
So to make room  I took out the full size bed  and am making a "ships captions twin bed" raised and  with curtains and tons of pillows will a be part of the cozy plan . I loved the  old vintage appliances  and formica  and the whole vintage look ,but in the end opted for a new contemporary style by using left over materials from the house remodel ,thus repurposing and saving money ( the old appliance were going to cost  an arm and a leg to repair and still they would not have safety equipment them ) .So  we added a piece  of stylestone counter top with and it will have  river rock back splash left over from what  we used in the house . Then I  bought new new state of the art appliances for the kitchen. MUCH SAFER for full time living and lighter for pulling with a V6 truck engine. I bought them on eBay so it took many auctions and losses  to get the right price.  It still is very scary to  make this huge leap in lifestyle ,but every time  I  see a little more done ( as I get the money) I get a little more comfortable that it will work for me. . So that is my share today. 


John said...

Wow! I seem to remember when you first mentioned your friend and the up and coming "house on wheels"! What a great project, well done!

Unknown said...

The project must’ve cost you a lot, but I’m sure all those expenses were worth it! Just imagine, you’ll finally be able to use it after so many years of being stuck in your garage. And since the garage will have a lot of free space now, you'll have a place to work on your artworks and such. Cheers!

Christina Hamilton @ Mount Comfort RV